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State Mandated Trainings Offered Through The Graduate School

State Mandated Trainings required for graduation  for any degree-seeking student in a program that is New York State certification-eligible are:

  • School Violence Prevention (SAVE)
  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting (Child Abuse)
  • Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)
If you are looking to register for any of these courses through the Graduate School, please search under the following Bank Street Course Numbers
  • STMD 100 (SAVE)
  • STMD 105 (Child Abuse)
  • STMD 110 (DASA)


Because New York mandates (and we must verify) that each student be in attendance for the full length of all three workshops (two hours for SAVE and Child Abuse, six hours for DASA), we must adhere to a strict attendance policy.  As such, no one will receive credit for attending the training if he/she arrives past the start time (be it online or in-person).  Students that arrive late (or leave early) will receive a grade of “NT” (Not Attended) and must register for another section, or provide proof of completion from another institution to receive credit for taking the workshop.

Registration for Matriculated Students in The Graduate School

These workshops are offered free of charge to any matriculated Bank Street student.  Students may register for these trainings during our designated Web Registration periods, our Add/Drop/Late Registration periods, or via email with a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of the workshop.  Students selecting the latter option must email with their full name, Bank Street ID number, and the course number and section of the course they intend to take.  A confirmation email will be sent with the status of their registration in the course.


Students that attend and successfully participate in one of these given workshops will earn a grade of “AT” (Attended).  Those that fail to attend (this includes not completing both portions of DASA, and/or those that arrive late or leave early) will earn a grade of an “NT” (Not Attended).  These grades are recorded on the student’s Bank Street transcript.  If students are unable to attend, they must drop the workshop in the Registrar’s Office prior to the course start date.  Once grades are recorded, they will not be removed from the student’s record.  Students receiving an “NT” grade must register for another section, or provide proof of completion from another institution to receive credit for taking the workshop.

Special Notice for DASA: The DASA workshop at Bank Street has a three-hour online component, as well as a three-hour, in-person portion.  Students must complete the online portion by the designated due-date first to be able to attend the in-person session.  Further, they must complete both sections for which they are enrolled in their entirety.  Partial participation (i.e., completing only one portion) will result in a grade of an “NT.”  These students will be expected to enroll in another section and attend both the online and in-person sessions (even if they previously attended an online session) to receive credit for attending.  Students may not transfer portions of one section to another. 

Proof of Completion

Proof of attendance and successful completion is recorded on each student’s Official Academic Transcript.  In addition—upon graduation from Bank Street—a recommendation in a student’s TEACH account provides New York State sufficient evidence that each state-mandated training has been completed at the time the student’s degree has been conferred.

Please note: Paper certificates of completion are no longer being distributed in New York State.