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Registrar's Office Forms

These forms may all be submitted electronically, either by scanning and emailing a copy to, or by faxing the forms to (212) 875-4677.

Forms that you do not see listed must be submitted in person to the Registrar's Office. We ask that you please come into the office for copies of such forms.

All forms available in PDF format.

Documents for Incoming Matriculated Students

Immunization Form

Student Immunization Report - Students entering a degree program, or any non-degree seeking students who are registered for 6 or more credits, are required by New York State Law to provide the Registrar's Office with evidence of Immunization. This form must be signed by both you and your doctor, or signed by you, with accompanying official medical records


Status Changes for Matriculated Students

Change of Academic Program

Change of Degree Program - Students looking to switch from one program to another can fill out this form with the help of both their old and new program directors.

If you have completed any or all of your supervised fieldwork/advisement, either a Waiver of Course Requirement form will need to be sumbitted to exempt you from the fieldwork requirement of your new program or additional fieldwork may be required.

Leave of Absence Form

Leave of Absence form - Students who need to take a some time away from the college should fill out this form in consulation with their academic advisor. Once you begin your degree, you have a five year window in which to complete your requirements for graduation. Students who need to take time away and fill out this form will extend their deadline to graduation. Leaves of absence can be granted for up to one calendar year.

Withdrawal from the College Form

Withdrawal from College form - Not to be confused with a Course Withdrawal Form, students who need to formally withdraw from their graduate program, should fill out this form in consultation with their academic advisor. Once you have formally withdrawn from a program, if you decide to return, you will need to speak with the Admissions Office to reapply.

Courses and Credits

Course Withdrawal Form

Course Withdrawal form - Not to be confused with the Withdrawal From the College form. Students who find they need to discontinue participation in a course or courses after the semester Add/Drop period is over, will be provided with the option to withdraw from the course(s) up until the midpoint semester withdrawal deadline. Withdrawn courses remain on a student's records and may not be eligible for tuition refund. Please visit our Add/Drop/Withdrawal webpage for more information about withdrawing from a course.

Individualized Course

Individualized Course Form - If you are looking to work one-on-one with a faculty member for credit, either on a course that currently exists, or on a course of your own design, you can have the instructor and other representatives of your department sign off on this form that will grant the Registrar's Office permission to create a course section specific to you and your instructor.

Integrative Masters Project

Independent Study Continuation Form - Is your Independent Study taking longer than you thought? Students who need to extend their Independent Study for 1 semester beyond the normal year allotment can fill out this form and submit it, along with a payment of $100 for the Continuation Fee.

Seminar on Science: Taking a Course Through the Museum of Natural History

Bank Street Registration Form (For Graduate Credit) - Anyone who has taken at least one previous course with Bank Street, or has been formally admitted into one of our graduate programs is invited to take an online science course through the Museum of Natural History. Registration for a Seminar on Science course is a two-part process. Please be sure to register through the museum before completing your registration with Bank Street. Please note that we can only grant graduate credit for the following courses: The Diversity of Fishes; Earth: Inside and Out; Space, Time, and Motion

Transfer Credit Form

Transfer Credit Report form - Not to be confused with the Waiver of Course Requirement form. Students who have received graduate level credit for a course taken at another institution may be eligible for transfer credit. Certain criteria and restrictions apply. Please view the Course Catalog for more information regarding this criteria. This form will need to be completed in consultation with your academic advisor.


Waiver of Course Requirment Form

Waiver of Course Requirement form - Not to be confused with the Transfer Credit form. Advisors make recommendations about course waivers and course substitutions required for students' degrees. Waived courses will hold no credit value. If you waive a course, please be sure to consult with your advisor regarding your academic plan to fulfill the total number of credits required for your degree.

Verification and In-School Deferement

Verification Request Form - If you need to verify your enrollment, that is, to show a third party that you are attending a degree program at Bank Street College, you can fill out this form and submit it to the Registrar's Office. We will write up a letter on Bank Street stationary and will either mail or fax the letter to the destination of your designation. Processing these forms can take 3-4 business days.

In-School Deferment Request Form - This form verifies standard directory information for your student loan provider. Please be sure to complete Section 7, which asks for your lender's mailing address. We will mail or fax this form to the address you provide. Please be aware that when we report your anticipated date of graduation, we notify student loan lenders the maximum amount of time you are granted to finish your degree (5 years from the date of your matriculation).