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Course Wait Lists FAQs

What is a wait list?

It is the policy at Bank Street College that if you encounter a closed course, you are invited to add yourself to its wait list. Seats in the course can become available at the last minute if and when students drop the class. If a seat becomes available and you are next on the wait list, the Registrar's Office will notify you.

How will I know if a seat becomes available?

The Registrar's Office will call you if your turn comes up on the wait list. We will ask if you are interested in registering for a seat in the class. Spots only become available if a registered student chooses to drop the class. Thus, the nature of wait lists are that if you are called, it is usually at the last minute, sometimes between the first and second class meeting.

When will I be called off the wait list?

You are called off of the wait list in the order you were added. If you are third on a wait list, three people need to drop the class for you to be called in to register. We will call you as soon as a seat is available. If you have not received a call, a seat is not available.

If I'm called off the wait list, how long do I have to respond?

We ask that students who receive notification of an available seat reply to the Registrar's Office within 24 hours to either confirm or refuse the seat. We ask that you respond as quickly as possible, as there are often other people on the list waiting after you.

If I haven't been called, should I attend a class I'm on the wait list for?

It is the college’s policy that, if you are first or second on a wait list, you are allowed to sit in on the first class.

You do not have to sit in, and you do not lose your spot on the wait list if you do not sit in.

If you chose to sit in on a class, this does not mean that you are registered for the class. The first and second people on the wait list are allowed to sit in if they choose, so that if they are called off of the wait list they will not have missed the first class. Students who sit in on a class but are not called off the wait list must stop attending the class after its first session.

How Long Should I Wait to Hear?

Wait lists for classes are maintained until the second class session. After the class has met for a second time, the wait list is no longer in affect; students are not allowed to register for a class after it has met twice.

Thus, if you are on a wait list and you do not receive a call from the Registrar’s Office prior to the second meeting of the class, that means enough students did not drop the class in order for you to be called.

Is it possible to get instructor permission to join a course?

In any course with a wait list, available seats must be offered to the students on the wait list in the order of their turn. Instructors can't give permission for a specific student to join a class that already has a wait list.

Questions about wait lists should be directed to the Registrar’s Office