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Incomplete (IN) Grade Policy

Receiving a Grade of Incomplete (IN)

Students are expected to complete the work for a course by the end of the term in which it is taken. If, however, a student finds that he or she is unable to finish assignments within the term, he or she may speak to the instructor and request a grade of Incomplete (IN) and additional time to complete the course work.

A grade of Incomplete will only be given at the discretion of the instructor.

Students may only request a grade of "IN" if they have satisfied at least 75% of the work required in the class. Students who have not been attending or who have regularly not been submitting assignments will not be eligible for a grade of "IN."

If you find you are unable to attend class, please be sure to either drop the course or withdraw from it before the final deadline.

Student who stop attending class and do not follow up with the Registrar's Office by the withdrawal deadline will receive a grade of No Pass (NP) and will remain responsible for the full cost of the course.

Students who are unable to attend class due to extenuating medical circumstances are encouraged to contact the Registrar's Office at Please be aware that medical documentation from a third party is required for Medical Withdrawals.

Completing Work and Receiving a Final Grade

Any final grading is at the descretion of the instructor. Students are advised to work with their instructors to determine what outstanding assignments need to be completed and when the instructor requires their work.

While the College has general deadlines for Incomplete Coursework (outlined below), instructors may require students to submit work earlier, as they see fit. Instructors and students who agree to an earlier work deadline are encouraged to fill out the Incomplete Request Form available in the Registrar's Office.

Instructors are not permitted to extend the deadline for student work beyond the general College deadlines.

Students who are not able to complete their work within the deadlines due to extenuating circumstance are required to write to the Committee on Academic Standing and request an extension. The Committee, in consultation with the specific course instructor, will decide whether any additional time (not to exceed the subsequent semester) will be granted.

General Incomplete Coursework Deadlines

If an instructor enters a grade of "IN" for a student and no additional Incomplete Request Form is submitted, students will be held to the general Incomplete Coursework Deadlines:

  • Fall: Work Due to Instructor by May 15
  • Spring: Work Due to Instructor by December 15
  • Summer 1 and Summer 2: Work Due to Instructor by December 15

Work submitted to an instructor after these deadlines will not be eligible for final grading unless students have been approved for an extension of incomplete work by the Committee on Academic Standing.

Graduating Student Requirements

Degrees can only be conferred for currently enrolled students. Students anticipating that their degree will be finished pending the submission of a change of grade for outstanding IN grades in a prior semester must be registered in the current term, in order for their degree to be awarded. If students are not registered for classes in the semester of their graduation, they must register for matriculation maintenance by the end of the semester add/drop period. Registration for matriculation maintenance, MMNT500, can be conducted on my.bankstreet during web registration or via paper registration form. A $50 fee applies.


Receiving a Final Grade

Once the instructor has received the outstanding work and has reviewed it, the instructor will submit a hard copy of the Change of Grade Form (available through to the Registrar's Office on a student's behalf.

Only instructors may submit this form. Once the change is made, the updated grade will be visable on the student's academic record.

"Removal of Incomplete Grade" Fee

Changes of an "IN" grade to a final letter grade are subject to a $25 "Removal of Incomplete" Fee unless the instructor indicates on the Change of Grade Form that due to extenuating circumstances the fee should be waived.

A notice of that the grade change has been processed and information on how to proceed with the fee payment will be mailed to students once the change has been applied.

There is no fee associated with the change of one letter grade to another letter grade (changing a "B" grade to an "A" grade, for example) or for changes to Supervised Fieldwork grades.

Missed IN Deadline

Students who do not submit their missing work by the appropriate Incomplete Coursework Deadline will have their grade of "IN" changed to No Credit (NC).

If a student does not ever submit missing work, the grade of "NC" will stand on his/her transcript.

Grades of "NC" indicate that a student has not earned credit for the course and in the case of degree requirements, students will have to re-register and complete the course in a different semester. The student's overall G.P.A. will not be affected by a grade of "NC."

Students who finish missing work after an "IN" grade has changed to an "NC" must contact the Committee on Academic Standing and request an extension for their incomplete work.

Incomplete Grades and Financial Aid

Students who are receiving Financial Aid and are given grades of "IN" or "NC" may be at risk of not making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Not making SAP may affect student eligibility for Financial Aid. Students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office if they have questions regarding SAP.