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Tuition & Fees

To make a payment online, visit your account. To make a payment over the phone, contact the Business Office at (212) 961-3369. For Student Account Inquries, please email More information can be found on the Business Office web page.

Application fee (nonrefundable): $65

Tuition per graduate credit:

Summer 2, 2016 - Summer 1, 2017:  $1,475
Summer 2 2017 - Summer 1 2018: $1,519

Program Reservation Fee (nonrefundable): $250

Registration fees per term (nonrefundable):

  • 3 credits or fewer: $50
  • 4 credits or more: $100
  • Late registration fee: $25

Institutional Assessment Fee (nonrefundable):

This is a one time fee applied to all matriculated students' accounts.  The fee will be charged at the time of registration for one or more credits.  Should  you drop courses during the online period or in-person in the Registrar's Office and remain with 0 credits, you will still be liable for the fee, as the fee is nonrefundable.

Add/Drop fee*: $15

Matriculation Maintenance fee*: $50

Transcript request fee*: $7

Additional transcript requests made at the time of the original request: $2

Integrative Master's Project, Independent Study, or Portfolio fee*: 

Independent Study extension fee (Students who do not complete the Independent Study within one year will be charged an additional $100): $100

Technical Assistance fee for selected independent studies and portfolios (Optional, see Guide to Integrative Master's Project): $150

New York State Internship Certification fee per semester (if enrolled in Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement): $100

New York State Internship Certification fee per semester (if not enrolled in Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement): $500

Removal of "Incomplete" (IN) grade*: $25

ID card replacement fee*: $10

Diploma replacement fee*: $25

Returned check fee*: $20

* Fee is charged each time a student enrolls in this activity.

Tuition & Fee Payments: 

Tuition and fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. Invoices detailing all charges will be mailed to students each month.

Methods of Payment: 

Check*, money order, VISA, or MasterCard, or present evidence of financial aid.

*A student who has a check returned twice for insufficient funds will no longer be able to pay by a personal check. His or her payments must be made by credit card, certified check or money order.

As of the Summer 2017, we are no longer accepting cash payments.

Check payments may be sent to: Bank Street College, Attn: Business Office, Student Accounts, 610 West 112th Street, NY, NY 10025

Credit card payments may be made online, via the student payment portal in, or via phone at (212) 961-3369

Fall and Spring Term Payment Options:

  • Full Payment: Tuition and fees may be paid in full at the time of registration.
  • Deferred Payment Plan: During the fall and spring terms only, total tuition and fees may be paid in four equal installments. There is a $20 (per semester) processing fee, but there are no finance charges when payments are received by the College's Business Office in accordance with stated schedule. To see the deferred payment schedule, or to print a copy of the agreement, please visit the "Billing and Financial Information" page on

**All payments are due by the posted dates whether a statement is received by that date or not.

Summer 1 & Summer 2 Terms Payments:

Tuition and fees are due, in their entirety, at the time of registration.  (The Deferred Payment Plan is not offered.)

Late and/or Non-Payment Consequences:

A finance charge of 1.33% (16% annual rate) will be imposed on any payment, or portion thereof, not received in the College's Business Office by the due date. Delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collection agency and become part of the student's credit history. In addition, the student will be held liable for all collection costs incurred. 

Registration Fee:

A nonrefundable registration fee of $50 for 3 or fewer credits, or $100 for 4 or more credits, is charged for Graduate School courses.

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