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Guttman Center for Early Care & Education at Bank Street College

NoneThe Guttman Center for Early Care & Education at Bank Street College of Education seeks to meaningfully impact the life trajectory of infants and toddlers. Building from Bank Street's research-based practices, the center will be grounded in a deep partnership with each of the communities it serves. The Guttman Center will work with early care practitioners to develop a cadre of high-quality child care options in high poverty neighborhoods in New York City.

The Guttman Center was established in the fall of 2016 through a generous gift from the Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation to pilot a professional development program for caregivers of infants and toddlers in historically marginalized communities. The first cohort of caregivers will be located in East New York, Brooklyn launched in February 2017.

Supporting Practitioners and Communities

The Guttman Center will invest in developing individual practitioners, strengthening the child care settings in which they work, and ultimately establishing high-quality community learning networks within each neighborhood. Sites eligible for participation in the program will include home-based family child care programs and center-based child care programs such as Early Head Start, Early Learn, other community-based child care centers, and infant-toddler programs in preschool centers. The center will be cost-free for all participants.

Expanding on the strengths within each local community, The Guttman Center will begin with outreach into one neighborhood in order to forge a deep and nuanced understanding of community needs and practitioners’ existing knowledge base and interests. The program’s content will be based on the pedagogy of Bank Street’s Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention Program and developed through the community partnership.

Through a collaborative approach, the center will provide an integrated program of coaching visits and coursework to caregivers and program leaders to help further their understanding of child development and strengthen their practice in working with families and caring for infants and toddlers.

Scaling Impact

To further improve quality at scale, The Guttman Center will support the development of learning networks within the community. In addition, The Guttman Foundation will fund a research agenda, which will be led by the Straus Center to document the implementation of The Guttman Center’s program, provide regular monitoring throughout the program’s implementation, and measure the program’s success.

The ultimate goal of The Guttman Center’s work will be to expand to serve multiple neighborhoods throughout New York City, building strong community learning networks to support high quality infant and toddler child care options in each neighborhood to help create meaningful change in the lives of children and their families.