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29th Infancy Institute — 2016

Thursday Morning, June 23

19. Baby Watch

Jaqueline Range, LYFE Program

Working with infants, we can be present and intentional with them. Join babies, parents and a facilitator to learn about development as we watch a baby explore.

20. Creative Art Experiences for Toddlers - WORKSHOP FULL

Debbie Silver, Director of Professional Development, Child Care Resources of Rockland

What is art for toddlers? How can we set up satisfying, creative, open-ended art activities for young children ? Experience the process yourself as you paint, print, crumble, and stick. Take away a packet of appropriate creative art ideas.

21. Home Visiting: The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

Emily Aderman & Brooks Davis, FIRST Parent Center For Families of Persons with Disabilities

Recently, early care and education programs of all types are recognizing home visiting as a significant piece of best practice with young children and their families. During this participatory workshop. we'll explore the benefits of home visits as well as strategies for maximizing their impact on your work with children and families. This conversation will be appropriate for classroom teachers, managers, and directors who have experience with home visiting as well as those who are new to the idea.

22. Including Children with Down Syndrome

Cindy Chau, Parent Member, NYC Early Intervention Coordinating Council

How can we include children with Down Syndrome in our early childhood classrooms? A panel of educators and parents will facilitate discussions addressing socialization, classroom strategies and fostering family partnerships.

23. Inviting Spaces for Infant and Toddlers - WORKSHOP FULL

Simone Taylor, Taylored for Children LLC

An environment that is well designed allows infants and toddlers thrive as they gain the opportunity to explore, focus, and connect with others. In this workshop, teachers and directors will examine their current environments and be inspired to think about different materials and aesthetic components to incorporate in their spaces for our youngest learners.

24. Pain Management for the Youngest Patients: Strategies for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Hilary Woodward, CCLS, Child Life Specialist; Adjunt Faculty, New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital; Bank Street College of Education

This workshop will discuss various approaches to pain management for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, with a focus on non-pharmacological pain management. Participants will explore strategies that can be utilized to minimize pain in these populations during medical procedures.

25. Respecting and Planning for Individual Differences

Carolyn E. Tebbetts, Ben Samuels Children's Center at Montclair State University

We will look at temperament, individual learning styles, activities, preferences, environment, materials, abilities and culture to explore planning for individual children as well as the full group in a classroom.

Thursday Afternoon

26. Engaging Toddlers and Twos in Emergent Curriculum - WORKSHOP FULL

Jelena Starcevic, 2s Head Teacher, The Church of the Epiphany Day School

This workshop will focus on understanding emergent curriculum in toddler's and two's classroom. This workshop will help deepen the understanding of how teachers can fully trust the power of play that thier students are engaging in, and how teachers can support children in participating in their play/learning process. Participants will engage in discussing how to listen and observe young children to better understand their interests, and then use these interests to develop fun "investigations" in which teachers and children work together to further engage in hands on learning experiences.

27. Family Strengths in Child Learning: Assessment and Planning Approaches to Implement Meaningful Interventions

Bonnie Keilty, Associate Professor, Hunter College

Recommended practices in early intervention and other home visiting programs endorse strengths-based interventions meaningful to the family. Participants will explore how to identify the strategies families use to help their child learn and why they chose their strategies. Interventions can then build upon what the family is already doing, tailored to the family's underlying parenting goals.

28. Listen, Join, Reflect: Building Blocks for Successful Family and Professional Partnerships - WORKSHOP FULL

Michael Brown, LMSW, VP Social Services & Adjunct Professor, New York Center for Child Development & Hunter College School of Education

This workshop will explore the dynamic nature of engaging and working with families. Participants will learn specific strategies to develop successful partnerships with families. Integration of effective communication techniques, real life examples and a discussion of reflective practice will support participants in their work with families.

29. Making SENSE of it All: A Collaborative Approach Between Child Life and Occupational Therapy for the Hospitalized Infant

Jessica Dadigan, CCLS, CBIS, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Child Lift Specialist,
Danielle T. Garcia, Occupational Therapist on Infant Team, &
Kelsey Mayer, CCLS, CBIS, CEIM, Reiki II, Senior Child Life Specialist
Blythedale Children's Hospital

Through collaborative approach, Child Life, and OT work together using sensory regulation and environmental adjustments to create a calm and soothing "just right" environment for the hospitalized infant. Education and support is also provided to parent/ guardian and staff, on therapeutic handling and positioning as well as tips on how to create this supportive environment within the hospital and at home.

30. Making Sense of Their Worlds - WORKSHOP FULL

Michelle Barnea, RN, Early Childhood Consultant

Infants and Toddlers make sense of their worlds in unique and wonderful ways. They think very differently than adults do. This workshop is specifically designed to enhance techniques needed to provide emotionally and intellectually enriching experiences for infants and toddlers.

31. Ouch! What to do When Toddlers Bite

Debbie Silver, Director of Professional Development, Child Care Resources of Rockland

Toddlers bite for many reasons. The strategies used to deal with this challenging behavior must match the reason! This workshop will discuss why toddlers might bite and strategies that are effective when dealing with biting behavior.

32. Reflective Supervision as a Practical Tool for Supporting and Engaging Teachers and Home Visitors

Denise Prince, Director of the Early Childhood Leadership Program, Bank Street College of Education

The workshop will focus on aspects of teaching and learning as it relates to the development and supervision of teachers. It will demonstrate in what ways the use of reflective supervision as a tool can support, engage and mentor professionals at varying levels.

33. Singing and Choosing Songs with Therapuetic Intentionality

Betsy Blachly, Music Specialist, Bank Street School for Children and Family Center

Understanding these moments with therapuetic intentionality is at the heart of the work of early childhood teachers. We will sing and question and experiment with each other, and answers will unfold.

34. Yoga: Breathing and Moving with Infants and Toddlers

Melina Gac Levin, Twos Teacher, Brooklyn Schoolhouse

In this workshop we will explore how to use movement and breath to encourage self-awareness and self-regulation in working with infants, toddlers, and their families. We will share questions, curiosities, and ideas. Please wear comfortable clothing and come prepared to move!