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30th Infancy Institute — 2017

Wednesday, June 21

11. Activities for Infants and Toddlers—Workshop FULL

Elizabeth Lockhart, Education Coordinator, Columbia University Early Head Start

An interactive and hands-on workshop that combines development and children's interests.  Join us for an exploration of activities that meet a child's developmental needs while building their skills.

12. Cómo entender y apoyar el desarrollo de dos idiomas: la primera y segunda lengua en los niños pequeños

Carmen Colón, Course Instructor, Supervised Fieldwork Advisor, Consultant, Early Childhood Education/Special/Bilingual/Dual Language Program, Bank Street College of Education

En este taller exploraremos conceptos clave en la adquisición de la primera y segunda lengua en los niños pequeños. Juntos exploraremos estrategias para apoyar el desarrollo lingüístico de la primera y segunda lengua.

13. Cooking with Toddlers—Workshop FULL

Carolyn E. Tebbetts

Toddlers love being a part of food preparation activities. Explore a variety of techniques and recipes from simple to more complex. We will use simple cooking tools and some small appliances to create cooking experiences appropriate for toddlers.

14. Creating an Atmosphere of Support, Growth, and Reflection During Staff Meetings in the Early Childhood Setting—Workshop FULL

Bryce Linthicum, Education Director at The Williamsburg Neighborhood Nursery School (WNNS)

This workshop will focus on the various ways administrators can support teachers during staff meetings, the numerous formats these meetings may take, as well as the importance of reflecting upon one's practices together to help nurture growth and improvement.

15. Cross Communities and Culture Coaching: Supporting Infant and Toddler Providers' Professional Development

Stefanie Horton

This workshop will explore the role of a coach as a means of quality professional development. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss strategies for building relationships, offering feedback, and working on fulfulling goals for professional development with infant-toddler providers of varied communities and cultures. This conversation will be appropriate for classroom teachers, managers, and directors who have experience with coaching, as well as those who are new to the idea.

16. Engaging Toddlers and Twos in Emergent Curriculum—Workshop FULL

Jelena Starcevic, M.S.Ed., 2s teacher at Church of the Epiphany Day School

The workshop will focus on understanding emergent curriculum in toddler's and two's classroom. This workshop will help deepen the understanding of how teachers can support children in participating in their play/learning process. Participants will engage in discussing how to listen and observe young children to better understand their interests, and then use these interests to develop fun "investigations" in which teachers and children work together to further engage in hands on learning experiences.

17. Music Before Words: The Power of Music in the First Two Years of Life—Workshop FULL

Elana Steltzer, Early Childhood Learning Specialist &
Renee Bock, Educational Director, Explore+Discover

Do you ever wonder how infants and toddlers experience music before they can even speak? Participants share musical stories, learn songs, and think about many ways to include music daily in an infant toddler setting. Please bring recording devices so you can start singing more the very next day.

18. Play as Regulation—Workshop FULL

Gilbert M. Foley, Ed.D., IMH-E IVC serves as Clinical Co-Director of the TTAC grant, New York Center for Child Development and Co-Director, Personnel Preparation Program in Infant Mental Health and Development Practice, Adelphi University Institute for Parenting

A conceptual framework for the construct of regulation is presented and contrasted against the primary sources of dysregulation in young children. Specific regulatory functions of play are identified and explicated including: play as regulatory practice; novelty and investigation and roles and rules. The presentation concludes by summarizing the state of current empirical evidence with regard to play and self-regulation.

19. Strategies for Engaging Families—Workshop FULL

Amy Flynn, Early Childhood Specialist

The workshop will explore family engagement strategies that early childhood staff can use to develop and sustain supportive relationships with families. Opportunities to explore and practice family engagement strategies will be a part of this interactive workshop.

20. Supporting Teachers Development as Leaders and Supervisors in Early Childhood Settings

Pamela Stark, LCSW, M.S.Ed., Executive Director, Roosevelt Island Day Nursery Inc.

Explore strategies to help teachers strengthen the skills needed to have confidence and comfort as leaders and supervisors of teaching teams.

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