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31st Infancy Institute — 2018

Wednesday, June 20

10. Conexiones Intimas y Conversaciones en el Hogar con Familias Latinas de Niños con Necesidad Especiales

Erica Quezada-Selman, M.S.Ed., MSW & CEIM
Marlene Aranda-Gillman, LCSW & CEIM

Our focus will be presenting resources and strategies for parents in Latino communities with special needs children, including supportive and educational services. The workshop will be in Spanish.

11. The Developmental Interaction Approach in an Infant/Toddler Classroom

Michael Amaral, Head Teacher, Bank Street Family Center &
Cristina Mendonca, Assistant Teacher, Bank Street Family Center

The Developmental Interaction Approach is a child-centered philosophy that focuses on the whole child's life experiences. In this workshop we will discuss what is the Developmental Interaction Approach and how to implement it in an infant/toddler room.

12. The Discipline Dilemma: Setting Limits with Toddlers and Twos

Yasmin Dorrian, Early Education Consultant, YKD Consulting, LLC

Toddlers are just discovering that they are separate from others and therefore have different thoughts and feelings. They are learning to assert themselves and beginning to understand their own likes and dislikes. It is a time of opposition and dysregulation when a child’s job is to test the limits. How do caregivers, as the bigger, stronger, wiser, kind adults allow them to explore these new feelings while also keeping them safe and managing potential chaos. In this workshop we will discuss why this stage is necessary and important for this age and learn some strategies for setting limits and following through in difficult situations.

13. Emergent Curriculum for Toddlers

Jelena Starcevic, M.S.Ed., Teacher at Church of the Epiphany Day School

This workshop will help deepen the understanding of how teachers can fully trust the power of play that their students are engaging in, and how teachers can support children in participating in their play/ learning process. Participants will engage in discussing how to listen and observe young children to better understand their interests, and then use these interests to develop fun “investigations” in which teachers and children work together to further engage in hands on learning experiences.

14. Facilitating Language Development Through Play in the First Years of Life

Sarah Longwell-Stevens, Early Childhood Coach, CUNY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute

In the first years of life language skills grow by leaps and bounds. Together we will explore how children explore and develop their language through play. We will also explore ideas and strategies that help us as caregivers playfully facilitate this growth.

15. Infant/Toddler Caregiver Professional Development - What Makes it Successful?

Allison Tom-Yunger, LCSW, M.S.Ed., & Lara Seligman, LCSW, M.S.Ed.,
Adjunct Instructors, Guttman Center for Early Care and Education at Bank Street

This workshop will focus on best practices in fostering the growth of infant and toddler caregivers. We will explore different techniques and experiences designed to help caregivers deepen their practice in the work they do with young children and their families.

16. Inviting Creativity: Art for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

Stephanie McGillen, Head Teacher, Grace Church School
Brittany Wallace
, Head Teacher, Grace Church School
Kailey Winans
, Head Teacher, Child & Family Center at Rockefeller Center
J Larsen
, Teacher, Center for Creativity, Innovation and Discovery

Opportunities for artistic expression are vital in an early childhood classroom. Through group discussion and hands-on process art activities, we'll explore what kind of art experiences we can offer and how to best facilitate them, as well as the language we can use to encourage and facilitate creativity.

17. Play as Regulation

Gilbert M. Foley, Ed.D., IMH-E IVC serves as Clinical Co-Director of the TTAC grant, New York Center for Child Development and Co-Director, Personnel Preparation Program in Infant Mental Health and Development Practice, Adelphi University Institute for Parenting

A conceptual framework for the construct of regulation is presented and contrasted against the primary sources of dysregulation in young children. Specific regulatory functions of play are identified and explicated including: play as regulatory practice; novelty and investigation and roles and rules. The presentation concludes by summarizing the state of current empirical evidence with regard to play and self-regulation.

18. Social and Emotional Foundations in the Early Years

Lesley Koplow, Director ERP at Bank Street

This workshop will help teachers and caregivers to understand and support early milestones for healthy social and emotional development and learning. The workshop will explore the relationship between life experience and developmental process.

19. Toddler Art Play: Valuing the Journey

Melina Gac Levin, M.S.Ed., 2s Teacher at Brooklyn Friends School

This workshop will explore what it means to make process based art in the toddler classroom and what it takes to let toddlers lead the way. Join us as we create, explore and collaborate in a nurturing and inspiring environment.

Thursday, June 21 >>

An Afternoon of You!

Experience the joy of movement through Yoga or the transformative power of Music!


When: Wednesday, 3:30-4:30 PM
Where: Gymnasium, 9th Floor

Whether you are an expert yogi or don’t even own sweat pants, you will feel welcomed in this warm and relaxing movement experience. As you participate in yoga, you will learn playful movements that foster children’s development and promote secure relationships. And (bonus!) you will feel the release of everyday stress that even simple yoga offers your mind and body.


When: Wednesday, 3:30-4:30 PM
Where: Auditorium, 1st Floor

Experience the transformative power of music. Together with your colleagues, you will learn songs and musical activities that foster brain development in planning, memory, movement, imagination, and emotional understanding. As we sing together, you will feel the physical and mental stresses of the day let go and drift away.