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When Lucy Sprague Mitchell began her Bureau of Educational Experiments in 1916, she made “thinking outside the box” a Bank Street characteristic. She not only pioneered a new way to study how children learn and a new methodology for training teachers, she launched  a new publishing operation to put a new educational tool — children’s books on contemporary topics — in the hands of teachers and parents.

At Bank Street, given both our heritage and our limited resources, any initiative must reflect a strategic approach that combines a holistic view with focus and intent. It should be creative and critical in nature, as well as intelligently opportunistic. These are lofty goals.

We are focused on three college-wide initiatives:

A government relations program

that aims to reach out to elected officials and agency leadership at the federal, state and local levels, in order to

  • Expand Bank Street’s access to policymakers
  • Participate effectively in discussions of education policy
  • Identify funding opportunities to support the college’s people and programs

The Priscilla E. Pemberton Society, which is

  • A college-sponsored volunteer effort to expand support for diversity, in all senses of the word, throughout Bankstreet,
  • A broad-based project to substantially increase funding for financial assistance for students of color and to enhance student services


A new approach to online graduate-level education that blends the special features of a Bank Street course of study with the greater reach offered by new technology