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Clearing the Path: Redesigning Teacher Preparation for the Public Good, offers lessons from innovative partnerships, sharing sustainable funding models that can provide stipends to teacher candidates in full-time residency placements.

Full Report | Executive Summary

Investing in Residencies, Improving Schools: How Principals Can Fund Better Teaching and Learning, examines the feasibility for school-level funding for resident stipends including a description of a financial model that enables schools to fund co-teaching positions for novice teachers.

Full Report | Executive Summary
For the Public Good

The Sustainable Funding Project’s first report offers a framework to address challenges of pre-service clinical practice, in-service school improvement, and the professionalization of teaching in an integrated, mutually beneficial way through deep partnerships between providers and school districts. Focusing on how to fund stipends so that aspiring teachers can practice under the guidance of an accomplished educator before taking on the responsibilities of a classroom, the report offers a vision for contemporary teacher preparation and serves as a resource to support partnerships between districts and preparation providers who stand to benefit from deeper pre-service classroom experience for aspiring teacher. To read the executive summary, please click here.

The ESSA Opportunity for Residencies

Right now, there is a unique opportunity to build support for pre-service teacher residencies in states across the country.  As State Educational Agencies (SEAs) are developing new, ESSA-aligned plans, residencies that meet school and district needs can be incorporated into those plans as an allowable use of funds. 

The Sustainable Funding Project has created a brief, 3-page document summarizing this opportunity:

  • Yearlong residencies can support school improvement and student achievement under ESSA
  • Paid residencies help attract and retain diverse, high-quality teachers
  • Provisions of both Titles I and II align with teacher preparation generally -- and residencies specifically.
  • States can use the flexibility within ESSA to position residencies as mechanisms for improving teaching and learning.

We hope that ESSA and Quality Teacher Preparation serves as a useful tool to inform engagement efforts between SEAs and their constituencies during the development of ESSA-aligned plans.