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Our Impact

Liberty LEADS students:

  • Stay with us: Our program has maintained a 92% retention rate since 2004.
  • Graduate: Since 2004, 94% of our students have graduated from high school on time.
  • Matriculate into college: An average of 88% of our students have matriculated since 2004.
  • Complete college: 57% of our students have completed college, while 15% are still in school.

This data holds true even for students who historically struggle. For example, in 2003, Liberty LEADS was retaining just one-third of our young men of color. Since then, our program has increased our male retention rate from 36% in 2003 to an average of 94% over the last five years (2011 through 2015). Those same students have seen significant success in graduating from high school and entering college.

In 2009, Liberty LEADS was evaluated by the Goldman Sachs Foundation and the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Their evaluation, published by the Lumina Foundation, described Liberty LEADS as “a pioneering college preparatory initiative for talented students from selected urban parochial high schools in New York City... [whose] success is due to its unique approach in the world of after-school programming, in that high-achieving adolescents need more than academic skills to become successful adults.”2