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Our Model

Liberty LEADS provides an alternative learning environment that helps students achieve success as learners. Our activities and resources enhance the social skills, emotional well being, cognitive skills, and academic performance of our students and reduce their risk of engaging in negative behavior.

Perhaps most importantly, our students develop ongoing, stable relationships with caring adults. Research shows that when a child is able to establish a relationship with at least one caring adult, they have “support for healthy development and learning.”3

At Liberty LEADS, each student in our program is assigned an advisor who tracks academic progress and social-emotional growth over several years and ultimately becomes someone the student can count on. The advisor meets with the student and his/her family to identify their strengths as well as areas in which they need support. Advisors frequently attend school meetings, IEP meetings, and parent-teacher conferences alongside parents and primary caregivers.

In addition to support from adults, Liberty LEADS encourages students to support and learn from one another. Building relationships with peers and hearing about their challenges and triumphs at home and in school helps them connect deeply with one another, avoid feelings of isolation, and build social-emotional competence.

The final crucial component of our model is family involvement. We acknowledge that the only way we are able to work with students effectively is if they participate regularly in program activities and make the most of our resources. Students’ families are our best allies in this regard and are essential to our efforts over the course of a student’s time with us.