Children's Resources

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Children's Materials Collection Development Policy

The Children's Collection exists to provide resources to support the curriculum and recreational needs of the students, teachers, parents, alumni and staff of Bank Street College and to assist in the development of information literacy of its constituents.


The aim is to provide a balanced collection which:

  • Supports the school's priority areas.
  • Reflects the local community, NYC as well as information of a global nature.
  • Supports the principle of inclusivity and diversity.
  • Supports curriculum needs.
  • Contains selections from the Children's Book Committee: Best Books of the Year
  • Reflects the recreational needs of the students.
  • Includes a wide range of formats, e.g. books, videos, CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, internet access, magazines.


The criteria for collection development will be according to:

  • Relevance to current or future curriculum.
  • Appropriateness of level to intended users.
  • Appropriateness of physical format, and appearance of material.
  • Cost, value and suitability for library use.
  • Accuracy and currency of content.
  • Authority and reputation of authors, producers or publishers.
  • Scope of the work, adequacy of coverage and level of detail.
  • Treatment of subject matter, taking in to account language, bias and approach.
  • Organization and accessibility of information, layout, index, table of contents, glossary, white space, diagrams, photos etc.

Sources for Recommendations

Reputable journals and selection aids will be consulted to identify potential additions to the collection, such as:

  • Recommended lists, ALA Notables etc.
  • Reviewing journals.
  • Recommendations from colleagues, subject area specialist, teachers and listservs.
  • Booksellers.

All staff members and parents have the opportunity to recommend resources and students' suggestions are carefully considered for addition to the collection. Collection evaluation and weeding will occur on an on-going basis.

Review of Resources

Controversial resources are carefully reviewed with assistance from other staff and faculty members.  Internet sites are carefully selected for their appropriateness. Students are asked to sign an Acceptable Use Agreement before using this resource.

In the case of challenged materials a committee consisting of the Library Director, Children's Librarian, Dean of SFC, (or appointed proxy), and person objecting to the resource, will be convened once the appropriate form has been completed.