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Copyright for Faculty

Please contact Acquisitions Librarian Nora Gaines if you have questions regarding course files, books on reserve, and eReserves requests.

Course Files

Instructors may leave a single copy of required readings on file in the Library for the semester. The Library makes the assumption that the instructor has complied with the College's Copyright Policy. According to that policy:

  • An instructor may leave a single copy of any article or book chapter on reserve for one semester. If the same article or book chapter is to be used in a subsequent semester, the instructor should obtain permission from the copyright holder.
  • If more than one chapter is requested from the same book, the Library will instead place the book itself on reserve. More than one chapter from a single book should not be photocopied for the instructors’ files.
  • All instructors' files must be removed from the Library at the end of the semester.
  • An instructor may loan the Library the desk copy of their course pack for the semester.
  • For all photocopies, any copyright notice on the original should be included, as should appropriate citations and attributions to the source.

Books on Reserve in the Library

Instructors wishing to place required books on Library reserve should email requests to Acquisitions Librarian Nora Gaines. Please include the following in your request:

  • complete title
  • author
  • publication date
  • edition
  • publisher
  • and ISBN, if possible.
  • course number

For a title, or a new edition, not already owned by the Library, please anticipate between 2 and 6 weeks from the date of request for the book to be available to students. Your own personal copy may be placed on reserve.  All reserve books are noncirculating.

Electronic Reserves

Certain materials to be used in electronic reserves and other online formats require copyright permissions requests (which will be made by the Library) and others do not.

Determine if a copyright permissions request is necessary

When preparing the list of readings which you would like to have available to students online, first determine which readings might not require copyright permissions requests:

  1. Government websites and documents: Information, texts, and documents on government websites (federal, state and local) are freely available and do not require a permissions request.
  2. Check to see if your articles are accessible through any of the Library's subscription databases. Articles available through any of the Library research databases do not require a permissions request.  To determine whether a particular journal (and particular year) are covered by any of our databases, search Find Journals.
  3. Check to see if the book chapters you are assigning are accessible as electronic books through the Library's homepage search box use the Search Everything button.

Processing Copyright Permissions Requests & Creating an eReserves page

Provide a complete list of all articles and chapters not available online (see above, 1-3), including all the information below, to Acquisitions Librarian Nora Gaines. If you need additional assistance call 212-875-4457.

If you are requesting readings for more than one course, please submit complete and separate lists for each course, even if there are readings which you will be using in both courses. Please be sure to check all information for accuracy before submitting your request. Incomplete or incorrect information will delay the permissions request process.


  • Complete article title.
  • Complete names of first two authors.
  • First and last page numbers of article.
  • Volume and issue number of journal.
  • Year of publication.
  • Complete journal title.

Book Chapters or Other Excerpts from Books:

  • Complete chapter title, chapter number, and page ranges for each chapter you are requesting.
  • Author of chapter, if different than author/editor of the book.
  • Complete book title, including subtitle.
  • ISBN
  • Complete names of all authors and/or editors of the book.
  • Publisher
  • Year of publication.
  • Edition (if not the first edition).

Course Information

In addition to your list of readings not already available online, please provide the following information:

  • Your name, as well as the names of co-instructors.
  • Complete course title.
  • Course number.
  • Beginning and end dates of class/semester.
  • Expected enrollment.
  • Is this a traditional class, online, or hybrid?
  • PDFs or Photocopies of Readings
  • Please also submit a PDF (or, if this is not possible, clean, scannable photocopies) of each article and book chapter you are requesting, either by email or in person (please bring your thumb-drive). PDFs are preferred.
  • When submitting a PDF of an article or chapter, please be sure that the PDF name clearly indicates author and article/chapter title.  When submitting a photocopy, please indicated complete chapter/article title, author, book or journal title, complete page numbers, year of publication and publisher name on a post-it for each separate reading.