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Subsequent Sessions with English Language Learners

Suggestions for tutoring sessions: after the first meeting.

Establish a routine for your sessions that includes naming of objects, phrases and/or sentences that the student has to use every time you meet, etc.

It's good for the child to have an idea of what to expect every time you meet. Even a "surprise time." Create a tutoring schedule that the student can look at.

Learning a new language takes a great deal of mental effort. Make sure that your tutoring sessions include one or two breaks. During these times the student can draw a picture (something related to the lesson) or cut and paste to make a collage using things that you have prepared in advance. Or, bring a tape with a simple song that the child can listen to. Choose an activity that is recreational and gives the student a brief rest.

It is not easy to memorize things in a new language. Don't expect instant memorization from your student. In order to learn a new word, the student has to hear it used in many different contexts, many, many times. Be sure to incorporate repetition in your tutoring activities, and in your spoken language. And, be sure that you and your student have fun!

Games can be a great way to help your student in learning new words and patterns.