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This site offers guidance to college-age students working as literacy tutors to 5 - 8-year-old children. In addition, parents, school or other education volunteers, supervisors of volunteers, and work-study students, may find useful information provided here.

Finding things on the site: The site has been organized to provide several kinds of information to volunteer literacy tutors:

  • information about the role of a tutor
  • information about early literacy development
  • sample tutoring lesson plans and activities
  • information about the strategies children can use when reading
  • information about other resources for tutors including further readings and book ideas for young children

The content for this site was developed by:

  • Claudia Grose, graduate faculty member and former director of the Graduate Reading/Literacy Program at Bank Street College of Education
  • Naomi Hupert, senior research associate at the Education Development Center's Center for Children and Technology
  • Luisa Costa Garro, graduate faculty member Bilingual/Special Education Department
  • Olga Romero, Chair, Bilingual/Special Education Department

Special thanks to Judith Gold and Peggy McNamara who served as reviewers for the site.