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Fishing for Sounds (for Emergent readers and writers)

To Make

Find and cut out small pictures of familiar objects from magazines, old workbooks, catalogs. Collect several pictures with words that start with the same letter, such as book, bed, basket, boy; snake, sun, skate, slide...etc. You can do this activity with your child; it is an effective way to develop their vocabulary as they name different

Create fish shapes. Paste a picture on each fish. Make at least 5 fish shapes for each letter you plan to work on.  You should make at least two different letter sets to begin. You can add more each time you play the game. Make index cards for each letter set with the picture and corresponding letter.


Begin with 2 letter sets.

Mix the fish shape letter sets together. Place all fish shapes face down on the table. Next take turns "going fishing. Take a fish shape card say the name and place it in appropriate pile under/picture.