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Occasional Papers Public Forum

Rethinking Communities of the 21st Century: What Role for Schools? What Place for Educators?

This event took place November 18, 2010.

Since progressive educators first imagined the collaboration of schools and local communities in nurturing democratic citizens, the world has changed dramatically. Many urban schools no longer draw students from a single neighborhood. Classrooms often reflect complex, rapidly shifting patterns of immigration and cultural change. At the same time adults and children participate in an ever expanding array of global cyber communities with narrowly focused interests.

  • What are the realities of "community" in the 21st century?
  • How can educators engage students who live in a diverse range of communities all at the same time?
  • What lessons from the progressive past might fruitfully be brought forward into the future?

Introduction: Jonathan Silin, editor, Occasional Papers Series

Debbie Almontaser, founding and former principal, Khalil Gibran International Academy

Zakiyah Ansari, organizer, Alliance for Quality Education and NYC Coalition for Educational Justice

Lorenzo Krakowsky, dean of students, Fieldston School

Joseph Michael Valente, Assistant Professor Early Childhood Education & Affiliate Faculty, Disabilities Studies, Penn State

Frank Pignatelli, Graduate Faculty, Bank Street College of Education

...for this celebration of the publication of Lorenzo Krakowski's Leonard Covello: A Study of Progressive Leadership and Community Empowerment.

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