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DC Public Schools

Supporting the School Success of Young African American Boys

DC Public Schools: In 2015, CCRE began partnering with the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) to support the achievement of African American boys. This collaboration is a response to the data on racial disparities in expulsions and suspensions in preschool settings that adversely impact Black boys. The district has since launched the “Empowering Males of Color: Supporting the School Success of Young African American Boys Project.” The project focuses on issues of culture, race, and implicit bias that have resulted in inequities and disparities in the education of African American boys. CCRE’s culturally responsive strength-based model has been the organizing framework for the professional development of district school leaders, teachers, and other staff that encourages them shift their mindsets from deficit to strengths-based. It also promotes changes to practices and systems so they can better serve and support boys’ social and emotional development and academic success. Participants engage in professional learning communities, communities of practice, in-person trainings, and workshops for families.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Improve the quality of the school experience for the boys
  • Build a stronger relationship between staff and families
  • Strengthen the school readiness and success of African American boys as they transition to kindergarten
  • Support the relationship between the boys and their families
  • Increase the support of parents for their children’s education

CCRE is working with elementary and middle school teachers at one of the district’s education campuses to expand the focus of the project from pre-K to Grade 8.

A Case Study on Systemic Change

This video showcases the impact of the Center on Culture, Race & Equity’s work at Turner Elementary School in Washington, D.C. through interviews with faculty, staff, and parents.

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