Our Work

Ministry of Education in Liberia

From 2010 to 2018, CCRE  supported Bureau for Early Childhood Education at the Liberian Ministry of Education in developing high quality early childhood educators. CCRE designed and implemented an early childhood professional development framework that includes four competency areas:

  1. Parent and community awareness and education
  2. Skills-based early childhood teacher certification
  3. Early childhood curriculum and assessment
  4. Child development courses for higher education degree programs in early childhood education.

This framework was used in a professional development series that trained over 95 Liberian education professionals on the Global Ratings of Environments (GROE), the skills-based early childhood teacher certification program. The training included site visits to Liberian public and private early childhood programs and recommendations for program leaders and teachers to improve the quality of early learning environments.

Project Reach

  • 100
    Professionals trained in Community Education and Awareness Program
  • 50
    Professionals trained to assess the quality of early childhood learning environments
  • A group of participants take a photo together outside under a pathway in Liberia
  • Participants work in a group on an outside patio in Liberia
  • Erica Licht working in Liberia
  • Erica Licht working in Liberia
  • Group Photo of Certificate Holders in Liberia