Center on Culture, Race & Equity

Professional Development

CCRE offers a range of professional development opportunities in settings across the country that will equip you with the skills, concepts, and tools to create meaningful change. All of our professional development opportunities are fully customized to fit the needs of your community. Below is a sample of professional development structures offered by CCRE.

Our Services

  • The CCRE Change Model
    Young African American boy paints with teacher
    CCRE uses the Culturally Responsive Strength-Based (CRSB) Model Theory of Change to create positive outcomes for children and adults. We work with families, school leaders, districts, and community-based organizations to promote culturally responsive environments and approaches to teaching and learning. Building on the strengths of each community we work with, we co-construct learning experiences with educators, families, and community members to realize the full potential of all children.
  • Professional Development Series
    Karla Castro
    An in-person and online training program for teachers, healthcare providers, social service providers, and other educators working with diverse populations. Participants will learn how implicit bias and stereotypes affect the lives of children and families. Through guided facilitation, coaching, and communities of practice, participants will make a motivated commitment to change their mindsets and learn actionable strategies that will improve their culturally responsive practice.
  • The Leadership Seminar
    Faith Lamb-Parker
    A customized leadership development series for administrators, leaders, and decision-makers to explore the research and theory behind issues of race, culture, and diversity. Participants will build a clear understanding of how these issues affect the children and families as they create an initial roadmap and measurable outcomes for culturally responsive systems services.