Center on Culture, Race & Equity

Equity & Culturally Responsive Resources

Bank Street believes Black Lives Matter and is committed to creating spaces of dialogue and learning that help build equitable environments for Black children across the country. The Center on Culture, Race & Equity (CCRE) encourages all educators, caregivers, and families to learn more about the anti-racist practices and interventions that help disrupt racism in schools and communities and, ultimately, help transform the structures and systems that devalue the lives of people of color.

CCRE has compiled the following resources on equity and culturally responsive practices, including information on the foundations of anti-racist education and age- and grade-specific resources, which can help both adults and children construct knowledge around building relationships, naming injustice, and working together to change the world. In addition, as systemic racism is also responsible for the disproportionate burden COVID-19 has thrust upon Black communities and other communities of color, CCRE has included pandemic-specific resources on race, equity, self care, and distance learning.

We encourage you to explore and share these resources with your community. For questions or further information regarding this resources list, contact us at or follow us on Twitter @ccre_bsc.