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Early Childhood Policy Fellowship

The demands of early childhood policy and systems leadership have never been more challenging. Leaders are managing COVID-19 recovery efforts, worker shortages, inadequate funding, and burnout. Now, more than ever before, systems leaders need a constructive space to exchange knowledge with their peers, generate new ideas, reflect on and refine their work, and also receive personal and professional leadership support.

Bank Street is launching the Early Childhood Policy Fellowship, designed to support fellows through this unprecedented moment in their leadership. The fellowship will target Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) leaders, recognizing they have been historically excluded from policy leadership positions. 

This year-long, remote, no-cost fellowship (beginning September 2022) will provide participants with a comprehensive set of learning opportunities anchored in the examination of real-world challenges and problems of practice through a capstone project. Throughout the fellowship, leaders will build on their strengths and reflect on their practice as they work towards creating equitable and high-quality early childhood systems.

Early Childhood Policy Fellows will participate in cohort-based learning opportunities and receive job-embedded support from Bank Street staff and experts in the field. Fellows will learn how to:

  • Early Childhood Policy FellowshipApply systems thinking to explore how systems work and how actions taken can impact results over time 
  • Analyze the complex landscape systems leaders must navigate to engage in purposeful actions that lead to change 
  • Examine how policy design supports developmentally meaningful and culturally responsive early learning environments for all young children 
  • Lead for equity by authentically engaging the communities they serve to ensure systems change reflects equitable practices and policies

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