Learning Starts At Birth

Key Recommendations

Explore Bank Street’s key recommendations for the birth-to-three workforce and improving the care and education of infants and toddlers, including details on the Infant/Toddler Residency Model and a deeper dive into the issue of compensation reform. 

Four Levers to Enhance Infant/Toddler Care and Education

Four Levers to Enhance Infant/Toddler Care and Education

  1. Deepening expertise across the system
  2. Increasing compensation and access to comprehensive benefits for infant/toddler educators
  3. Strengthening systems that support infant/toddler care
  4. Generating public will to make needed investments and systemic changes

Summary of Key Recommendations (pdf)

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Early Childhood Educator Residency Model

A key part of investing in the birth-to-three workforce is coupling relevant postsecondary education with opportunities to put theory into practice under the guidance of an experienced educator. Residency models also enable experienced infant/toddler teachers to obtain college credit based on their existing skills and competencies.
Teacher Residency Model (pdf) Systems to Support Residency Model

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A Deeper Dive On Compensation

New initiatives and investments to reform the quality of infant/toddler child care through professional learning must be coupled with a real commitment to addressing equitable pay and benefits for educators, that are incorporated from the outset of program design and development.
A Deeper Dive on Compensation