Emotionally Responsive Practice

Middle Schools SEL Project

Emotionally Responsive Practice at Bank Street is happy to be a provider service option for the Middle School Social Emotional Learning Project. ERP uses a developmental lens to better understand and respond to early adolescent challenges and behaviors. We use trauma-informed routines and practices to support teachers and administrators and help them build capacity to strengthen classroom community and improve self regulation.

Each middle school in our cohort will receive:

  1. Admission for 5-7 staff members* to attend the 5 day Middle School Institute for Emotionally Responsive Practice (Should include, 6th, 7th and 8th grade teachers, social worker or guidance counselor, administrator, or coach)
  2. Fall, Winter, and Spring onsite coaching visits to your school community (one may include a parent workshop)
  3. Admission for paras and aides to attend 3 session seminar series on Emotionally Responsive Practice
  4. An administrative consultation and planning session to address the specific social emotional issues in your school community

*Please choose participants who can work well as a group and are committed to supporting the social and emotional well-being of children in your school community. In Year 1, this group will plant the seeds for ERP to be seen and heard, and take root within your building!