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STEM Opportunities


Bank Street College offers many opportunities for educators to increase their ability to meet STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) requirements. Graduate Programs and on-going opportunities are listed to the Right. STEM-related courses and workshops are listed below.

In addition, Bank Street  is ready to help with your professional development needs. Our expert staff specialize in building programs to fit the needs of your staff and school. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Joy Lundeen Ellebbane at 212-875-4707 or

Bank Street specializes in developing programs to fulfil your goals. We can develop programs based on current courses, or on the topic of your choice. For a consultation, contact Joy Lundeen Ellebbane, Director. 212-875-4707.

Current work includes

  • Mathematics curriculum development in a Nursery through Eighth Grade Independent School in Manhattan,
  • Support in mapping curriculum for an independent school in Brooklyn, as they grow to a K-5 program. The curriculum developed infused the major tenets of Reggio, basing project work in Social Studies and building an intentional community, while challenging the children academically.
  • A two-day conference introducing the Bank Street Philosophy to members of a national early chilhood association. Through discussion, group activities, and classroom observations, participants explored how theory meets practice in the classroom curriculum.
  • Bank Street, in collaboration with PA Virtual Charer School, created a Parent Educator Certificate, consisting of five online classes taught by Bank Street faculty to enhance the collaboration between teachers and parent-educators and providing an educational foundation for parents.