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Occasional Paper Series 27

Challenging the Politics of the Teacher Accountability Movement

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Toward a More Hopeful Educational Future

Guest editors Gail Boldt and Bill Ayers have asked 14 leading educators to address the politics of the teacher accountability movement in America. Who benefits and who is hurt? What is gained and what is lost? How can we move forward with a more hopeful and inclusive vision of our educational future?

All of the contributors are motivated by an abiding commitment to democratic ideals and respect for the complex work of teachers even as they encourage the reader to take back the conversation about school reform in America.

To maximize the impact of this issue, we are releasing the essays in three groups.

  • The first group analyzes the language and values that have framed the accountability movement.
  • The second group, to be released two weeks later, includes reports from classrooms, schools, and districts—dispatches from the field.
  • The third group, released two weeks after the second, addresses the future, calling for a new set of priorities and a different understanding of educational reform.

When completed, the entire collection will be found as a single journal issue on this website. 


Greg Dimitriadis & Marc Lamont Hill
Jeff Duncan-Andrade
Celia Genishi & Anne Haas Dyson
Fred Klonsky
Kevin Kumashiro & Erica Meiners
Deborah Meier
Pedro Noguera
Diane Ravitch
Raynard Sanders
Gil Schmerler
Peter Taubman

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We invite submission of papers that address the real lives of teachers, students, and families. Papers should extend, deepen or challenge the progressive legacy on which the college is built.

Short (1,000 word) and longer (6-12,000 word) essays using traditional or contemporary methodologies, written by emerging and recognized scholars, are all welcome.

Address manuscripts and questions to Jonathan Silin:

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