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The full text of papers 9-24 is available online at Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) or click on the links below.

#37: Queering Education: Pedagogy, Curriculum, Policy

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#36: Life in Inclusive Classrooms: Storytelling with Disability Studies in Education

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#35: Progressive Practices in Public Schools

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#34: Constructivists Online: Reimagining Progressive Practice

#34 as PDF ››

#33: Claiming the Promise of Place-Based Education

#33 as PDF ››

#32: Living a Philosophy of Early Childhood Education: A Festschrift for Harriet Cuffaro

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#31: Art & Early Childhood: Personal Narratives & Social Practices

#31 as PDF ››

#30: The Other 17 Hours: Valuing Out-of-School Time

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#29: Toward a More Loving Framework for Literacy Education

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#28: Inclusive Classrooms: From Access to Engagement

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#27: Challenging the Politics of the Teacher Accountability Movement: Toward a More Hopeful Educational Future Spring 2012

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#26: Toward Meaningful Assessment: Lessons from Five First-Grade Classrooms

by Laura R. Kates

#25: High Needs Schools: Preparing Teachers for Today's World

by Julie Diamond, Fretta Reitzes, and Betsy Grob. Linda Levine. Arlene Mascarenhas, Seth A. Parsons, and Sarah C. Burrowbridge. Steve Goodman. Alison Coviello and Susan Stires. Sarah Elizabeth Barrett, Donna Ford, and Carl James. Introduction by Jonathan G. Silin

#24: Leonard Covello: A Study of Progressive Leadership and Community Empowerment

by Lorenzo Krakowsky. Introduction by Patrick Shannon

#24 as PDF ››

#23: Teacher Leaders: Transforming Schools from the Inside (pdf) — September 2009

Edited and with an Introduction by Gil Schmerler. Contributors: Nayantara Mhatre, Jill Stacy, Kami Patrizio, Jessica Endlich Winkler, Jennifer Groves, Kathleen Dickinson Rockwood, Clara E Lin, Lillian Hernandez, Cristian Solorza, Robin E Hummel.

#22: Classroom Life in the Age of Accountability (pdf)

by Karen E. Wohlwend, Lisa Farley, Gillian Dowley McNamee, Peter Nelson, Alyssa D. Niccolini and Elizabeth Park. Guest editors Gail M. Boldt, Paula M. Salvio and Peter M. Taubman.

#21: Choosing Advocacy (pdf)

by Megan Matt, Danielle Morrison

#20: Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification (pdf)

by Jon Snyder, Miranda Barry, Sarah Samuels, Ariel Sacks, Allen Ellenzweig. Preface by Jonathan G. Silin

#19: Delicate Moments: Kids Talk About Socially Complicated Issues (pdf)

by Amy Bauman, with introduction by Gail Boldt

#18: A Progressive Approach to the Education of Teachers: Some Principles from Bank Street College of Education

by Nancy Nager & Edna K. Shapiro

#18 as PDF ››

#17: Welcoming the Stranger: Essays on Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Society (pdf)

by Jonathan G. Silin, Jana Sladkova, Anahi Viladrich, Nicholas Freudenberg, Erika Duncan, Elizabeth Park

#16: Stayers, Leavers, Lovers, and Dreamers: Why People Teach and Why They Stay (pdf)

by Marilyn Cochran-Smith

#15: Perspectives On Family, Friend and Neighbor Child Care: Research, Programs and Policy (pdf)

by Toni Porter, Shannon Kearns, Juliet Bromer, Sarah Ocampo-Schlesinger, Vicki Mccarty, Pamela Jakwerth Drake, Bayla Greenspoon, Sarah Neville-Morgan, Kathy L. Reschke, Susan K. Walker, Mergitu Argo, Hueiling Chan, Christina Malecka

#14: Rethinking Resistance in Schools: Power, Politics, and Illicit Pleasures (pdf)

by Steven Schultz, Stephanie Bevacqua, Jenna Laslocky, Joseph Tobin, Peter Taubmen, Jane King, Frank Pignatelli, and Christine Ferris. Introduction by Jonathan Silin

#13: The First Years Out (pdf)

edited by Judith Leipzig and Jonathan G. Silin

#12: Talking Tough Topics In the Classroom (pdf)

by Gail Masuchika Boldt, Stephanie Nelson, Molly Sexton-Reade, and Zenaida Muslin. Introduction by Jonathan Silin

#11: Teaching through a Crisis: September 11 and Beyond (pdf)

edited by Alison McKersie and Jonathan Silin

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#10: Curriculum Drama: Using Imagination and Inquiry in a Middle School Social Studies Classroom (pdf)

by Catherine Franklin

#9: Letters from Abroad (pdf)

by Virginia Casper, Holley Adcock, David Penberg

#8: It Should Not be Left to Chance: Ensuring a Good Education for All Our Children

by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann

#7: Noise Level Zero

by Tom Roderick, Steady Work, and John Wolfe

#6: The Role of the Principal in School Reform

by Michael Fullan

#5: From Preparation to Practice: Designing a Continuum to Strengthen and Sustain Teaching

by Sharon Feiman-Nemser

#4: Kids Make Sense and They Vote?

by Frederick Erickson

#3.1: Small Schools: What's Small?

by Matt Gladden

#3.2: Small Schools and the Issue of Scale

by Patricia A. Wasley and Michelle Fine

#3.3: Historical Perspectives on Large Schools in America

by Robert I. Hampel

#3.4: Small Schools and the Issue of Race

by Linda C. Powell

#2: What Should We Make of Standards (pdf)

by Vito Perrone

#1: The Developmental-Interaction Approach to Education: Retrospect and Prospect (pdf)

by Edna K. Shapiro & Nancy Nager