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About the School for Children

The School for Children is an independent demonstration school for Bank Street College and a working model of the College's approach to learning and teaching. Education at the School is experience-based, interdisciplinary, and collaborative. The emphasis is on educating the whole child—the entire emotional, social, physical, and intellectual being—while at the same time, the child's integrity as learner, teacher, and classmate is valued and reinforced.

The School is divided into Lower (Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten), Middle (Grades 1-4), and Upper (Grades 5-8) Schools in order to accommodate the differing developmental stages and curriculum needs of children. The school offers a rich learning environment while providing the College with a setting for teacher training, educational research, and the development of curriculum materials. The School is truly a demonstration school. It embodies all the principles of children's growth and learning that were derived from Bank Street's philosophy of progressive education, and demonstrates the "ideal" representation of that philosophy in action. Thus, the School is the standard by which the College evaluates and attempts to improve education in other schools, particularly the public schools. The School for Children also serves as a benchmark of the kind of education that Bank Street is working to provide in other schools in New York City and school systems across the country.