Dean's Welcome Letter

Since my appointment as Dean of Children’s Programs early this year, I have continually been inspired by what I have seen throughout my orientation to the Bank Street Community. I have witnessed vigorous and joyful teaching and learning from the Family Center through the 13/14s in the School for Children, and been impressed by the depth of thought, the seriousness of purpose, and the unwavering commitment to children that undergirds all that goes on at the Bank Street College of Education. It’s rare to find an institution that is both deeply proud of its practices and traditions and utterly eager to reflect, improve, and grow. The resounding spirit of Bank Street is one that resonates perfectly with my own values, interests, and experiences as an educator.

In the spring, my husband and twin eight-year-old sons joined me for their maiden voyage to Bank Street. Needless to say, they were both eager and anxious to experience the community firsthand, as to date their only impressions of the school had been filtered through the lens of my stories and perspectives. The first stop on our itinerary was lunch in the cafeteria. After making our way through the line, we brought our plates to a table where we were joined by two faculty members. No sooner had we sat down and begun to eat than a student in a group of second graders (who were fortuitously eating lunch at the same time), approached the boys and asked, “Would you like to eat with us? It might be more interesting.” A momentary exchange of approving glances later, our sons were happily parked at a table with new-found friends, enveloped by the same warmth, welcoming, and interest that I have experienced repeatedly.

In my mind, a school without children is like a library without books.  As we prepare this summer for the 2016-2017 school year, I am thrilled and honored to be working alongside my new colleagues, but I am most eager to welcome our families back to school and resume in earnest the tremendously rewarding work of educating our children.  I look forward to meeting and engaging with you soon!

Jed Lippard
Dean of Children's Programs