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Progressive Education in Context: Volume V


We are very excited to offer Progressive Education in Context: Volume V. Each volume is designed to give the reader an insight into the thinking and planning that goes into the activities and curriculum in the School for Children.

Volume V highlights three areas of our program: Math, High School Placement, and Art. The last article, The Last Word, is our new tradition—a graduation speech by a student that offers the reader a different and unique perspective into the experience of life at Bank Street.

The first article, Turning the Tide: A Thoughtful and Developmentally Appropriate Approach to Teaching Mathematics is written by Sally Borduin, the Math Specialist for the 5/6s through the 8/9s. In this article, Sally describes her work with teachers and children in order to develop and sustain a strong, vibrant approach to mathematical thinking and problem solving. This article lays out some of the mission-driven and philosophical thinking behind the math program for our younger children. The second article by Evie Gurney, the Director of High School Placement, focuses on the high school application process, a topic of great interest to families considering an 8th Grade school. In From Bank Street to High School, Evie demystifies the process and includes some of the views of students who have experienced it. Stan Brimberg’s article, The Fall and Rise of the 8th Grade School in Volume I of Progressive Education in Context complements this article to give a well-rounded and complete picture of our mission, vision, and values in this regard. Maria Richa, one of the Art teachers in the School for Children and an Adjunct Faculty member in Bank Street College writes about her approach to teaching art to children in Developing Visual Language. The hallways of the School for Children clearly tell the story of the creative thinking and visual problem solving that occurs in the art room of Bank Street. The final piece, The Last Word, is written by Patrick Brady, Class of 2013, in which he reflects on the challenges of being a Republican amongst a predominantly Democratic community and what he learns and gains from that experience.

It is always our hope that these articles are enjoyable to read and also provide a deeper understanding of what happens in the classrooms at Bank Street. We try to keep the articles short and to the point with the hope that just a little bit will go a long way. Happy reading!