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Progressive Education

Progressive Education in Context: Volume II


We are proud to offer you Volume II of Progressive Education in Context. In this edition, members of the School for Children community describe aspects of progressive education in terms of their own area of expertise and experience.

  • Anne Tobias, a 4/5s teacher, shares her understanding and perspective of the intellectual, social, and emotional development of children in Young Children at Play. This article clarifies, and builds an appreciation and understanding of, the importance of play in the lives of children.
  • The second article, Technology at the Bank Street School for Children, is written by Wendy Apfel, the Technology Coordinator. Wendy shares the overriding mission, vision, and values of technology in conjunction with progressive education.
  • In the third article by Meghan Armstrong, a 10/11s teacher, we follow her summer journey to China in terms of the China curriculum that she teaches.

We hope that these articles provide you with different and distinct perspectives on our educational program and community. Happy reading!