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Progressive Education

Progressive Education in Context: Volume I


This booklet contains some current articles that highlight aspects of the educational vision, mission, and values of the Bank Street School for Children. Each article shares a perspective of education that is reflected in the classrooms of the school.

  • The first article, Progressive Education, written by a well known educator, Alfie Kohn, highlights and describes the form and function of progressive education.
  • The second article, The Fall and Rise of the 8th Grade School, was written by Stanlee Brimberg, the Division Coordinator of the Upper School, for the Parents League Review.
  • Finally, the third article, No Ordinary Field Trip, was written by Sam Brian, one of the 13/14s (8th Grade) teachers after the traditional 8th Grade trip to Washington, D.C. this spring.

We hope that you find these articles not only interesting and informative, but also pleasurable to read.