Parents' Association

The Parents’ Association provides a bridge between parents of the Bank Street School for Children and the Administration of the School.

The Parents’ Association:

  • promotes parent involvement in their children’s education
  • considers, proposes, and provides feedback to the Administration of the School with respect to programs, activities, and resolutions of concerns that would benefit their children’s education and/or general welfare
  • sponsors events and activities that benefit the School

The goals of Bank Street SFC Parents’ Association include:

  • advancing more effective communication among the PA Board, parent body and school administration
  • promoting and encouraging an increased level of parent participation and volunteerism
  • supporting and promoting the fundraising activities within the SFC
  • actively supporting, embracing, and engaging our diverse school community

Volunteering and Community Building

The Parents' Association of the Bank Street School for Children recognizes that parents play an integral role in the school community. There are many varied ways for Bank Street parents to actively participate in their children's education by fostering a spirit of inclusion, partnership, affinity, and cooperation through volunteerism and community building.


Throughout the year, parents are offered numerous opportunities to join in family and community events. The School and the Parents' Association invite and encourage parents to attend:

  • The Fall Fair
  • The Auction & Benefit
  • Classroom Potluck Breakfasts
  • Parent Potluck Dinners
  • Winterfest, Recitals and Plays
  • Sporting Events
  • Movie Night

Volunteer Opportunities

There is a significant need for parent volunteers to plan and assist in crucial fundraising and community-building events at the Bank Street School for Children. The Parents' Association and the School expect that all parents will donate some of their time to the School each year. There are many opportunities, -large and small- for parents to lend a hand.

  • The Parents' Association Executive Board
  • Class Parents
  • The Fall Fair Committee
  • The Auction & Benefit Committee
  • The Talent Show
  • The Community Service Committee
  • The Green Action Task Force
  • The Parent Education Committee
  • The Technology Task Force
  • The Welcome Committee
  • Parent Tour Guides
  • The Annual Fund Committee
  • The Development Committee
  • The School Photo Committee
  • The Merchandise Committee

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups bring together people whose identity-based perspectives are sometimes misunderstood or under-represented. Affinity groups provide spaces to share common experiences and identify ways in which members can be better represented in the culture of the School.

Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer & Allies Parenting Group (LBGTQA)

The LBGTQA group represents the spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Bank Street Community. Objective include supporting one another and children, identifying mutual concerns and interests and determining how best to pursue them, and increasing visibility of the LBGTQA community.

Parents of Children of Color (POCOC)

Parent of Children of Color is a coalition of parents whose goals are to identify common experiences and concerns and share solutions that enable them and their children to navigate more effectively experiences around racial identity, both in and out of school. POCOC meets monthly and sponsors regular programming for the entire school community.

Touched by Adoption Parent Group (TBA)

The Touched by Adoption parent group is a coalition of Bank Street families formed through adoption, and it provides social support for all community members who are touched by adoption. The group advocates for members of our community on issues related to adoption, and it provides programming on those issues, as it helps increase teachers' understanding of adoption and how the various curricula can reflect and support adopted children.