Staff Recognition Award

Bank Street College of Education Human Resources and Staff Council Announce The Outstanding Service Award

Bank Street College recognizes the value of employee contributions to its goals, mission and reputation as a great place to work. Our success as a College is due to the combined effort we make as a team and a community. However, there are times when one individual stands out. The Outstanding Service Award is an opportunity to let a staff member know that we particularly appreciate his/her efforts.

Human Resources and Staff Council join in inviting members of the College community to nominate a Bank Street College employee for an Outstanding Service Award. The Award includes a Certificate of Recognition and [a gift certificate] for $200. 

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Service Award, a staff member must:

  • be a regular, non-teaching, full-time employee with a minimum of three (3) years of employment (i.e., members of the administrative, clerical, facilities or security staff);
  • be in good standing in the areas of performance and attendance which must be confirmed by their supervisor; and
  • exceed the expectations set forth by their job description or position as described in a letter of nomination.

Nominees who have been previously selected for this award will not be eligible again until three years have passed from the date they were first selected. Employees may not nominate themselves for this award and cannot be on an unpaid leave from the College.

Letter and Information Required for Nominating a Staff Member

Letters of nominations may be submitted by staff and faculty at Bank Street College.  They should be dated, detailed, and received within the Nomination Period (described below).  The letter must be no longer than 500 words
The nomination letter should include:

  • The nominee’s name, position, department and years of service
  • The name, position and telephone number of the individual making the nomination
  • The reason(s) the individual deserves the award (in 500 words or less)
  • Examples of how the employee’s cooperation, willingness to help others, and positive attitude impact individuals and reflect well on the College community and/or
  • Examples of how the nominee’s performance motivates co-workers, enhances morale, and/or demonstrates a spirit of inclusion and appreciation of diversity at the College and/or
  • A description of ways in which the staff member performs above and beyond his/her job description, to the benefit of colleagues and the College.

Nomination Period Information

Two awards will be given annually – one in the fall semester, one in the Spring semester.

Nominations will be accepted during October for the Fall Service Award and during April for the Spring Service Award.  The College community will be alerted to the start of each nomination period, and letters in support of a nominee should be received by [Human Resources] by the last Friday of the month. Nominations received after the closing date will not be considered, but may be resubmitted for a subsequent award, if submitted according to the guidelines.

Announcement of Award Recipients

The staff member receiving the greatest number of nominating letters will be notified prior to an announcement being made to the College community.  The Award will be presented at an All College meeting and an announcement of the Award Recipient will appear on the President’s page of the Bank Street College Web Site.

(The program will be reviewed annually and implemented based on the availability of funds and the merits of the nominations.)