Staff Council Subcommittees

Staff Council has four standing subcommittees. Ad-hoc committees are formed as needed

  • Budget Priorities Committee

    The Budget Priorities Committee meets with Staff Council and Cabinet in order to help set priorities and criteria for the creation of the subsequent year's budget. BPC solicits input from staff on budget issues, and works to improve communication on College budget-related matters.

    For more information, contact Committee Chair Wendy Sealey, x3334.

  • Diversity Committee

    The Diversity Committee sponsors activities and programs that promote the goals of the College related to diversity. Topics covered in the past include staff, student, and parent diversity, economic diversity, College climate, and multicultural perspectives.

    For more information, contact Committee Co-Chairs Audrey Pryce, x4730, or Heather Prince-Clarke, x4412.

  • Exhibits Committee

    The mission of the Exhibits Committee is to oversee the selection and installation of exhibits in the 112th Street lobby. This includes work by members of the College Community (faculty, staff, students and parents) as well as work by others.

    For more information, contact Committee Chair Cheryl Simon, x3336.

  • Sabbatical Committee

    The Sabbatical Committee is charged with receiving from Deans, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer, a listing of people who are recommended for sabbatical for the following year; considering and acting upon all such applications for sabbatical leaves in accordance with the principles and procedures established for granting sabbatical leave, subject to approval by the Cabinet; considering all requests for exceptions of any kind to the sabbatical policy; recommending to the Council any amendments to the sabbatical policy that seem necessary and appropriate; considering such other appropriate matters as may be referred to the Sabbatical Committee by the Staff Council or the Cabinet; and ensuring that returning staff members report on their sabbaticals in an appropriate and timely way.

    For more information, contact Committee Chair Jon Snyder, x4466.