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1199 SEIU Members

Information for 1199 SEIU Members

1199 SEIU families that have gone through the Childcare Fund and registered with the Bank Street Summer Camp are able to register for 4 weeks of camp, which the fund will pay for. Any additional selection after 4 weeks requires the family to pay for that selection.

1199 members can either select bus service or After Camp programs at no additional cost.

How are the Bank Street Summer Camp programs organized?

Generally speaking, the Bank Street Summer Camp programs are structured by 2 week increments, except for the last 3 weeks in August, which are week by week.

The Theater programs, such as Bank Street on Broadway and Musical Theater, are also an exception. While they do have two week programs in June, they each also have a 5 week option from July 2nd to August 3rd. Due to the nature of the program, 1199 members will be able attend the 5 week Musical Theater program. 

Feel free to email any questions to the camp office at