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Quotes from Parents, Staff, Campers and Other Friends of the Camp

“Loved Bank Street. My daughter didn't know anyone going into camp but loved it from Day 1 and has made some wonderful new friends.  Staff is outstanding.  Mature, fun and engaged.  Very well-run, organized camp. Liked having nurse on-staff.”
—Amy (2014 Parent)

“We were thrilled about the activities in the program.  As Riverdale residents we have been to most of the locations on the schedule however attending with a group of her peers took on a different experience.”
—Nicole (2014 Parent)

“I loved the trips, and my children looked forward to them every week!  My daughter loved Club Getaway - couldn't stop talking about it!”
—Johanna (2014 Parent)

“Very professional, courteous and helpful at all times…Ben came home every day to tell me of the fun games he played and the nice counselors and how fun they made it.”
—Stephen (2014 Parent)

“I think that the classroom was well equipped and the counselors were fantastic.”
—Jessica (2014 Parent)

“Overall - was very happy with the sports program for the middle camp (especially the VERY thoughtful field trips to WNBA game and Staten Island Yankees game - perfect trips for their camp!).”
—Bruce (2014 Parent)

“Very happy to have found this program.  John has been to day camp and overnight camp since kindergarten and he told me that Cookie is the best camp director he has ever seen!  A mighty compliment from him!”
—Sharon (2014 Parent)

“We were so pleased with Max's first camp experience! Thank you for all the hard work and care you all put into the summer!”

—Marie (2014 Parent)

"Working at Bank Street Summer Camp has been an incredible experience. It has given me confidence, leadership and opened up many opportunities. I am always happy to return and learn new things."
—Jordan (Counselor)

"Bank Street Summer Camp allows both children and staff to be creative and to take risks in a caring, supportive environment"
—Julie (Counselor)

“Bank Street Summer Camp is a fun, safe and supportive environment for campers and staff!”
—Lizzy (Counselor)

“So many things to see, so many things to do, so many friends to have fun with!”
—Anne (Counselor)

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with The Bank Street Summer Camp, the experience was great. I enjoyed teaching the kids how to swim but most of all just getting to know them was so much fun.”
—Paige (Counselor)

“I couldn’t even believe how good one girl played the piano.”
—Mary-Catherine at the Mankin Mansion in Richmond, VA

“The kids were a pleasure to have. They were so fun and respecful. They are welcome back anytime.”
—Paula at the Mankin Mansion in Richmond, VA

“Fun to work with and quick to learn and enjoy our programs.”
—Ranger Jerry Sigler at Inwood

"The New York Hall of Science looks forward to working with Bank Street Camp every summer. Campers arrive eager and excited every year to explore over 400 hands-on exhibits and engage in fun science activities. Students were mesmerized as they observed stars and identified constellations in the planetarium. They learned the science behind magic tricks and were eager to try the tricks they learned on their family and friends. They were amazed too find out the different liquids have different densities and experimented with oil, water, syrup and liquid soap. The Bank Street team does a great job organizing these special days at NYSCI for their campers. Every summer is a great summer with Bank Street Camp!"
—Sylvia Perez, New York Hall of Science