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From Campers to Staff

The following are accounts from Bank Street staff members who not only work at the Bank Street Summer Camp but are also Alumni of the School for Children and work in the School for Children during the school year.

Bank Street Summer Camp is a continuously growing and welcoming community that nurtures and encourages positive experiences for campers and staff summer after summer. In the Camp, I developed skills that I've used throughout my entire life. Every summer those skills are reinforced. I do not know where I would be without such a wonderful camp.

I graduated from the School for Children in 2000. Transitioning from the School for Children to working at the Summer Camp was easy. I was familiar with both the faculty and staff and the teaching methods. Some of the methods were instilled in me so deeply that it seemed as if I already knew exactly how to approach many of the situations I encountered as an Aquatics LIT (Leader in Training). I was comfortable, confident, and eager to help the kids with whom I was working. Since then, I have graduated from LaGuardia High School and Hampton University, worked at the Summer Camp as Junior Counselor, and worked as a Substitute Teacher's Assistant in the School for Children. Currently, I am working for the Summer Camp as an Office Assistant and Coordinator for the After Camp program.

-Ife Collymore

Bank Street Summer Camp has given me the opportunity to build upon my leadership and collaboration skills as well as develop my confidence and motivation as a teacher. Every day I apply what I have learned at Camp.
I started working in the Camp in 2001 after I graduated from Bank Street School for Children. At the time, my position title was CIT (Counselor in Training). I was just beginning to figure out my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and becoming accustomed to responsibility. I have continued to work at Bank Street Summer Camp every summer since then. Even through high school at Elisabeth Irwin and college at the University of Connecticut, I continually returned and eventually worked all the way up to Head Counselor in the Travel Camp.

I soon noticed that whenever I returned, I became more comfortable with conflict resolution and social communication. Recently, I have decided to begin a new career as a teacher. I am now attending the Bank Street's Graduate School as well as working with preschool children as an Intern at the Family Center. I owe a big thanks to Bank Street Summer Camp for providing me with those first stepping-stones.

-Janel Frazier

Bank Street Summer Camp has not only allowed me to grow as an educator but it has helped me grow as a learner as well.

I have worked my way up through the ranks at Bank Street Summer Camp and it has taught me countless life lessons along the way. From a Counselor in Training to the Aquatics Director, I have been with camp for 11 years now. With each new summer and each new position, I grow more and more as a person and as an educational professional. I am now in graduate school at Bank Street College and working as an Assistant teacher in the School for Children. Thanks to camp, I have built and gathered the skills and unique voice that will continue to aid me in being a successful teacher.

-Chris Mera a camper, Bank Street helped me build self-confidence. By working at camp I was able to apply that confidence in the real world.

Like so many others, I worked at Camp immediately following graduation from the School for Children in 2001 and worked as a CIT (Counselor in Training) for the Musical Theater program, now called LITs (Leaders in Training). I have worked at Camp every summer since, all the way through high school at Rudolf Steiner and college at Sarah Lawrence. After working in the Musical Theater program, I created and developed the Film Writing and Directing program, which I headed for four years. Since then I have developed the Animation program and the Photography After Camp program. I am now the Assistant Director of the Camp.

-Dylan Morgan