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West Side Camp (6/19 - 9/1)

Bank Street Summer Camp offers an extensive program that deeply reflects the philosophy of the School for Children. A large percentage of Bank Street teachers, Graduate School alumni, and graduate students work with children as staff members at the Summer Camp. 

Camp counselors work together to create a nurturing, child-centered camp community and take the time to establish caring relationships with children and their families to ensure an enjoyable and memorable summer camp experience. While campers participate in swimming and various activities, each program also blends many immeasurable skills that campers receive and practice including decision making, independence, experimentation, and leadership, resulting in an organic recreational educational experience. 


Registration is through our Campium portal. Please answer all of the registration questions as your answers help us get to know campers before they arrive. 

Campium Account

Once you have registered for camp you can go back into your Campium Account and find links to Magnus Health, the Parent Handbook and the Camp Store Order Form. Once camp starts parents will be able to find messages from counselors and schedules for the week in their campium account. 

Magnus Health

Upon registering, camp parents will receive a link to the Magnus Health SMR. Magnus is a secure and easy-to-use website for submitting health information. It will also provide secure access to your child’s/children’s information in the event of an emergency. Both Bank Street School for Children and Bank Street Summer Camp use Magnus Health for all medical records. Campers are not allowed into camp without the proper medical documentation posted and approved in their Magnus Health system. Bank Street students profiles do not need to be updated for camp, as their information is already up to date. 

Financial Aid

All Financial Aid applications are due February 15th. Bank Street Summer Camp gives a maximum allotment of 45% for Financial Aid. Aid is awarded on a first come first serve basis and is not guaranteed to all that apply. All decisions will be made by March 1st.


The Bank Street Summer Camp provides a healthy and delicious lunch for campers. A menu for the each week will be available on the previous Friday.  If families would like, campers are welcome to bring a lunch from home. If you opt to get your own lunch, please bring lunches that do not need to be heated up. If you choose this option, it is imperative that you keep in mind that Camp is nut-free camp and we do not allow nut products of any kind. The term “Nut-Free” applies to every space at camp and any trip destinations. Please do not bring nuts of any kind and then wash your hands upon entering the building.

While sensitive to the needs of children with nut allergies, Bank Street College cannot guarantee a 100 percent nut-free environment but will try to accommodate children with these allergies. The School has designated peanut-free and nut-free classroom/lunch tables with appropriate signage. Parents of children with such allergies are required to provide written medical documentation, instructions and medications as directed by a physician to the Health Office.

The camp will also provide snacks for the campers in the morning as well as in the Extended Day Program. Fresh fruit and crackers is provided for snack and, on extremely hot weather, juice will be provided at well.

IMPORTANT:  Please notify us in writing of any dietary or allergic restrictions before camp starts, so that we may try to accommodate your needs. This information should already be on your registration page. If it is not, please log in and add it to your account.

This Week's Lunch Menu