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Information for Registered Families

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This page is a resource for families that have already registered for camp. If you still have any questions do not hesitate to call or email us at (212) 875 - 4705 or

  • Campium Portal

    When registering for camp, you setup a profile in the Campium System, complete with a login and password. Logging back into Campium allows you to:

    • Make new program selections
    • Update and change registration information, including contact information. Please make sure you’ve updated all of the information on your form before camp begins.
    • Make payments
    • View weekly schedules, updated every Friday for the following week
    • View important information and communications from counselors and the camp office
  • Medical Forms

    After registering for camp, each families receives an email from Magnus Health SMR complete with instructions and prompts but, in order to make this process as easy as possible for families, you can send the forms into the camp and we will upload them for you. Magnus is a secure and easy-to-use website for submitting health information. The Magnus system provides secure access to your child’s/children’s information in the event of an emergency.

    Campers are not allowed into camp without the proper medical documentation posted and approved in their Magnus Health system. Both Bank Street School for Children and Bank Street Summer Camp use Magnus Health for all medical records. Bank Street student’s profiles do not need to be updated for camp, as their information is already up to date. 

    All campers must have current medical forms submitted before they attend camp. If campers do not have up to date medical forms then we will be unable to accommodate your camper(s). All medical forms have to be reviewed before the start of camp so we will be unable to accept forms submitted on your child's/children's first day. 

    All Medical Forms are provided on the Magnus website. We have also provided them below. 

    Physical Form (1.1 MB) (Must be filled out by a doctor) 
    Immunization Form (100 KB) (Must be filled out by a doctor)
    Please note: All Campers going into 7th and 8th grade must have their 1st dose of the Meningicoccal vaccine.
    Over the Counter (24 KB) (Must be filled out by a doctor & guardian)
    Consent to Treat (22 KB) (To be filled out by a guardian)
    The following forms are only required if your child has Food Allergies, Asthma, Diabetes and/or Seizures. All of these need to be filled out by your child(rens) doctor. 
    Prescription Medication Form (124 KB) (Must be filled out by a doctor & guardian)
    Food Allergies Action Plan (1.5 MB) (Must be filled out by a doctor)
    Asthma Action Plan (743 KB) (Must be filled out by a doctor)
    Diabetes Action Plan (2.4 MB) (Must be filled out by a doctor)
    Seizures Action Plan (854 KB) (Must be filled out by a doctor)
  • Financial Aid

    Bank Street Summer Camp gives a maximum allotment of 45% for Financial Aid and discounts. Combined discounts and financial aid cannot exceed 45%. Aid is awarded on a first come first serve basis and is not guaranteed to all that apply. All applications are due March 1st. All decisions will be made by March 15th. 

    In order to be considered for financial aid you must first register online and pay the deposit of $100 per week per child as well as a one time processing fee of $50. 

    If you DO NOT receive Financial Aid from a school during the year:

    • Fill the Financial Aid Application (PDF) out as thoroughly as possible 
    • Submit the application, along with your most recent tax returns, to the Summer Camp office. 

    If you DO receive Financial Aid from a school other than Bank Street:

    While you do not need to fill out the application, in order to be considered for financial aid you need to register for camp and send in a letter on letterhead from your school stating the percentage or allotment.

    If you receive Financial Aid from Bank Street:

    If you receive aid from Bank Street School during the year you do not need to fill out the Financial Aid Application. Any awarded allotment will be a percentage of your current aid. 

  • Lunch

    This week's Lunch Menu for Middle and Upper Camp.

    Both the Spring and Summer Camps  provides a healthy and delicious snack and lunch for campers. A menu for the each week will be available on the previous Friday.  If families would like, campers are welcome to bring a lunch from home. If you opt to get your own lunch, please bring lunches that do not need to be heated up. If you choose this option, it is imperative that you keep in mind that Camp is nut-aware camp and we do not allow nut products of any kind. The term “nut-aware” applies to every space at camp and any trip destinations. Please do not bring nuts of any kind and then wash your hands upon entering the building.

    While sensitive to the needs of children with nut allergies, Bank Street College cannot guarantee a 100 percent nut-awareenvironment but will try to accommodate children with these allergies. The School has designated nut-aware classrooms/lunch tables with appropriate signage. Parents of children with such allergies are required to provide written medical documentation, instructions and medications as directed by a physician to the Health Office.

    The camp will provides snacks for the campers in the morning as well as in the Extended Day Program. Fresh fruit and crackers is provided for snack and, on extremely hot weather, juice will be provided at well.

    IMPORTANT:  Please notify us in writing of any dietary or allergic restrictions before camp starts, so that we may try to accommodate your needs. This information should already be on your registration page. If it is not, please log in and add it to your account.

  • Transportation and Bus Service
    The Bank Street Summer Camp offers morning and afternoon bus service from the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Inwood, Washington Heights and Riverdale. See our Transportation and Bus Service page for the tentative schedule for the upcoming 2018 summer, as well as the Transportation Protocol.