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Transportation & Bus Service

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Bus Service

The Camp does offer morning and afternoon bus service to and from the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Inwood & Washington Heights and Riverdale. Below is the tentative schedule for the upcoming 2018 summer. Each week of service is $90, with the exception for the week of July 4th week, which costs $81, as there is no camp on the 4th. Stops and locations are based on demand.

  • Upper West Side
    Battery Park @ 7:00am / 4:25pm
    34th St. and 11th Ave. @ 7:30am / 3:55pm
    42nd St. and 11th Ave. @ 7:35am / 3:50pm
    50th St. and 11th Ave. @ 7:40am / 3:45pm
    60th St. and West End Ave. @ 7:45am / 3:40pm
    71st St. and West End Ave. @ 7:50am / 3:35pm
    79th St. and West End Ave. @ 7:55am / 3:30pm
    86th St. and West End Ave. @ 8:00am / 3:25pm
    96th St. and West End Ave. @ 8:05am / 3:20pm
    Arrive by 8:15am / Leave by 3:10pm
  • Upper East Side
    38th St. and 1st Ave. @ 7:05am / 4:20pm
    46th St. and 1st Ave. @ 7:10am / 4:15pm
    52nd St. and 1st Ave. @ 7:15am / 4:10pm
    58th St. and 1st Ave. @ 7:20am / 4:05pm
    72nd St. and 1st Ave. @ 7:30am / 3:55pm
    72nd St. and 3rd Ave. @ 7:35am / 3:50pm
    79th St. and 3rd Ave. @ 7:40am / 3:45pm
    86th St. and 3rd Ave. @ 7:45am / 3:40pm
    86th St. and Madison Ave. @ 7;50am / 3:35pm 
    96th St. and Madison Ave. @ 7:55am / 3:30pm
    97th St. and Central Park West @ 8:00am / 3:25pm
    106th St. and Central Park West @ 8:05am / 3:20pm
    Arrive by 8:15am / Leave by 3:10pm
  • Riverdale, Inwood & Washington Heights
    Arlington and 259th St. in front of Sky Club @ 7:15am / 4:20pm
    Riverdale and 256th St. @ 7:20am / 4:15pm
    215th and Seaman @ 7:25am / 4:00pm
    Dykman and Broadway @ 7:35am / 3:50pm
    Bennet and Broadway @ 7:40am / 3:45pm
    181st St. and Broadway @ 7:45am / 3:40pm
    168th St. and Broadway @ 7:50am / 3:35pm 
    156th St. and Broadway @ 7:55am / 3:30pm
    145th St. and Broadway @ 8:00am / 3:25pm
    133rd St. and Broadway @ 8:05am / 3:20pm
    Arrive by 8:10am / Leave by 3:10pm

Transportation Protocol

School Bus Protocol

When boarding a school bus, one counselor stands between the line of campers boarding the vehicle and the oncoming traffic, facing the campers. This way traffic can clearly see a large body. This also allows the counselor to see if a camper dashes out in front of the bus, so the counselor can stop any oncoming traffic before the camper gets to the street.

After all of the campers have gotten on the bus a head count is done, starting from the back of the bus. This allows anyone else still getting on the bus to be included in the count. Only when the Head Counselors on the bus agree that they have everyone on the bus can the bus depart.

When the bus arrives at its destination, a counselor gets off before the campers and places himself between the bus exit and the oncoming traffic, the same way they did when the campers boarded the bus. Another counselor gets off of the bus and waits for the camper on the sidewalk. When all of the campers have gotten off of the bus, a sweep is done, from the back of the bus, to check for any items that campers may have forgotten.

City Bus Protocol

When boarding a city bus it is important that a Head Counselor gets on the bus first, while another counselor puts himself between the campers getting on the bus and traffic. When getting off the bus it is the reverse. A counselor gets off first and positions herself between the campers getting off and the oncoming traffic. Another counselor is to wait for the campers on the side walk as they exit.

Subway Protocol

After entering the subway station each group of campers waits by the wall while a counselor presents the subway attendant with the subway pass. On the platform, the group stays against the wall until the train arrives. If there is no wall then the group is to stay together in the middle of the platform as far as possible from the tracks. Once the train comes the group is to follow one of the counselors onto the train while another counselor holds the door open with his/her body. The last person on the train is always a counselor. Exiting is the same. Campers are always told which door will be used when getting on and getting off before the train comes to a stop.

Should a child need medical attention during a trip, the counselors trained in RTE – Responding to Emergencies – will determine the proper course of action and communicate this to the camp office immediately.