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Shifting the teacher preparation paradigm for the public good.

Prepared To Teach works across the country to make sure everyone who wants to be a teacher can afford to attend a quality preparation program. To make this a reality, we identify and work to remove financial barriers to quality preparation that disproportionately impact aspiring teachers who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.

Better teachers mean better schools.

High-quality teacher preparation is possible.
All aspiring teachers should be well-prepared for success in the classroom—and that means having the support necessary to participate in high-quality clinical practice that allows candidates to explore the complexities of pedagogy, to apply theory and research in diverse contexts, and to reflect on their own learning and development.

Prepared To Teach develops sustainable streams of public funding to support high-quality teacher preparation that brings practice into conversation with pedagogy. The result is teacher preparation that’s built to last, thanks to a focus on partnerships and sustainability.

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An Education Ecosystem that Works

What would it look like if we changed how we prepare teachers? Research shows that when aspiring teachers are paid to practice for a year before leading a classroom, communities see big benefits.

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