Bank Street School for Children

A leader in progressive education and a working model of the College's approach to learning and teaching.

Bank Street School for Children

A school within a college

Bank Street’s two main programmatic divisions are the School for Children, which educates children nursery through grade 8, and the Graduate School, which is the gold standard in progressive education, preparing adults to teach and work in schools all over the world. Teachers with Bank Street degrees are in demand. The combination of the Graduate School and the School for Children in the same setting creates a unique synergy between children and teachers.

Leading the way with progressive education

As the city’s premier progressive school, we are focused on all aspects of children’s development. Our excellent curriculum is dynamic, age-appropriate, responsive to children’s needs and relevant to their lives.

Our faculty

Our teachers are well-trained (65% hold a Master’s degree from our Graduate School) and thoroughly knowledgeable about children and child development. They are experts in the field and our greatest resource.

Community & diversity

Hallmarks of our mission, we work hard to deliberately create a community that is broadly inclusive and reflects the diversity of our multicultural society.

We are a Nursery through Grade 8 school

Without the pressures of a high school environment, children can be children for just a bit longer. Our faculty specialize in nurturing the intellectual, social and emotional lives of young children and early adolescents.

Open Houses

Fall 2016 Open Houses - October 6, 18, and 26

Registration for our Open Houses will begin in late August. Our Open Houses are for families interested in Bank Street for the 2017-2018 school year.

Why Bank Street School for Children

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