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Graduate School Alumni (BSCAA)

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Alumni of Color Dinner

Alumni of Color Dinner

The 2nd annual Alumni of Color Dinner was held on Friday, June 23 at Bank Street’s new administrative space in the Inter Church Center. Over 30 alumni attended the dinner, shared their experiences during their time at Bank Street as students, and contributed to fruitful dialogue on ways the college could improve their support to students and alumni of color. Dean Cecelia Traugh and Associate Dean Wendi Williams are happy with the dinner’s success and the opportunity for networking and reunions that it allowed. They plan to continue hosting similar events soon.

New BSCAA Mentoring Program

Become a Mentor!

  • Share your expertise and unique insights on navigating the workplace, career, and building a robust network
  • Strengthen your professional communication and leadership skills
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives in your field
  • Motivate someone to pursue a new level of professional success
  • Give back to Bank Street in a meaningful way

Meet a Mentor!

  • Grow your Bank Street network today
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Explore ideas on different workplace cultures and experiences
  • Strengthen your interpersonal skills

If you are interested, please take the BSCAA Mentoring Program survey to indicate your preferences, availability and contact information. We will do our best to match you within 30-days after you complete the survey. 

Read our Mentor and Mentee Guidelines!

For questions please reach out to Alumni Relations at 

2017 Bank Street Alumni Awards Ceremony

Dean Cecelia Traugh and the 2017 BSCAA Award winners (l-r) Melissa Heckler '83, Dan Haggard '78, Takiema Bunche-Smith '97, Judy Jablon '87, Davia Brown-Franklyn '97 and Ursula Davis '74. Read more...

Did you miss the awards ceremony on June 5th? View videos of each honoree's remarks below!


2017-2019 BSCAA Alumni Officers

Meet the elected BSCAA officers

The new Bank Street College Alumni Association Officers have been elected and are set to begin their term on July 1st, 2017 and will serve until June 30th, 2019.

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Connecticut Alumni Gathering

From left to right: Lindsay Weiner, '05; Anne Austin, '82; Tosha Poe Murray, '11; Christina Gogish, '13; Priscilla Woyke, '96; and the spouses of Christina and Priscilla. On May 20th, 2017, alumna Tosha Poe Murray hosted an alumni gathering in Norwalk, Connecticut. The group of progressive educators were delighted to meet up with fellow Bank Streeters and hope to continue gathering in the coming months. Be on the look out if you live in the Connecticut area! Contact alumni relations at for more information. 

Los Angeles Area Alumni Gathering

From left to right: Marni Gittleman, '94; Monique Marshall, '92; Carla Poole, '03; Joy and Jennine Rodriguez, '99. On May 13th, Bank Street alumni in the Los Angeles Area gathered at a local cafe. Jennine Rodriguez, the host, hopes to continue gathering with fellow progressive Bank Street educators. Please reach out to if you are interested in hosting the next alumni gathering in your region!

Last BSCAA Meeting of the Academic Year

From left to right: Rabin Nickens, '03, Kim Thurman, '95, Sonia Diaz, '04, Linda Reing, Lucy West, '88, Jim Clay, '88, Margaret Ryan, '01, Alison Pepper, '84, Labiba Abdur-Rahman, '93, Nancy Cardwell, '88, and Amber Cartwright, '09. The last BSCAA meeting for the 2016-17 fiscal year took place May 4th. A special thank you to all board members and leaders for a great term. We invite all alumni to attend future BSCAA meetings. Please be on the look out for the next one in September!

Spring Brooklyn Alumni Meet-Up

On April 5, 2017, Bank Street alumni in Brooklyn gathered at The Saint Catherine in Prospect Heights. The second meet-up this year was made possible thanks to the help of BSCAA Advisory Board member Meghan Dunn, '08. The group of progressive educators is looking forward to continuing their discussions in educational settings, visiting schools and museum programs. Please be on the lookout for more Brooklyn alumni events soon!

Alternative Careers: What Else You Can Do With Your Bank Street Degree

(Back Row Left to Right): Jim Clay, '88, Dean Cecelia Traugh (Front Row Left to Right): Mollie Welsh Kruger, Dan Marwit, '02, Lilly Stevens, '06, Jo Ann Secor, '83, Sue Carbary, '90, Todd Sutler, '10.

Bank Street alumni served as panelists at the Alternative Careers Panel on February 1st, where they discussed their career paths and experiences that led them to their current positions. Alumni as well as current students attended the event, asked insightful questions, and had the opportunity to network at the reception that followed the panel discussion.

Interested in Forming an Affinity Group? Contact Alumni Relations & We Will Help You!

Start a local Bank Street alumni group in your area! If you are interested in hosting the first gathering for your fellow alumni, please reach out to Alumni Relations at We will be happy to help you coordinate.