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For more than a century, Bank Street College has gathered, documented, and shared knowledge about how children and adults learn best to help improve the education of all children and their teachers. Today, our evidence-based resources are used to prepare teachers and leaders to make a powerful difference in the lives of students and to address critical challenges in education through system-wide change and policy work.

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  • Occasional Paper Series
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    Occasional Paper Series

    Forum for new published work from authors within and beyond Bank Street that extends, deepens, and challenges our legacy of progressive education to promote a dialogue about teaching and learning in a democracy, while meeting the interrelated demands of equity and excellence.

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  • National Center for Children in Poverty
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    National Center for Children in Poverty

    Conducts research and makes policy recommendations that advocates, policymakers, and community leaders use to improve the lives of low-income families.

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  • EdPrepLab
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    Network of leading preparation programs that work together to create effective models for teacher and principal preparation so that educators can design more meaningful learning experiences for the children they work with.

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  • Straus Center
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    Straus Center for Young Children & Families

    Produces and disseminates new scholarship and research-based recommendations to help practitioners and policymakers effect meaningful change in the many settings where young children ages 0 to 8 learn.

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  • Educator Resources
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    Research & Educator Resources

    Repository of published research and resources providing graduate students, educators, community leaders, and policymakers with access to data, essays, reports, and publications on education theory, instructional practice, and system-wide change.

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  • Education Center Publications
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    Bank Street Education Center Publications

    Provides research, policy analysis, strategic guidance, and implementation services to schools, school systems, teacher preparation programs, and communities to identify ways to shift instructional practice and teacher preparation at scale.

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  • Snapshots of Practice
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    Snapshots of Practice

    A collection of written summaries, videos, audio files, and other materials that show a closer look at how Bank Street engages with educators, families, students, and children.

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  • Educate
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    Houses digital publications, artifacts, and other materials and resources authored or produced by the Bank Street community.

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