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Bank Street Education Center

The Bank Street Education Center supports system change at scale to help create equity in education and stronger learning experiences for children and adults. We know improvement across schools requires both engaging with educators on the ground and working with leadership who make central policy decisions. Our partnerships create successful collaboration at all layers of the system and foster reflective, learner-centered educational practices for children and families of all backgrounds. Through our work, we are building an evidence base to improve capacity-building approaches and reshape policies to address some of the nation’s deepest challenges currently hindering effective and equitable learning and teaching for all.

Educators collaborating

District-Wide Instructional Framework

New Tool Helps Support Improvement Strategies at Scale
The new District-Wide Instructional Framework provides educators with a closer look at how four school system components can contribute to supporting effective improvement strategies at scale: leadership vision and commitment, change management structures, intentional and adult learning experiences, and evidence-based and student focused decision making.
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