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Research shows brain development during early childhood sets the stage for all complex learning, including problem-solving and the ability to sustain meaningful relationships. Our early childhood team supports caregivers, educators, and policy leaders in understanding and implementing developmentally responsive curricula that fuel meaningful learning. By leveraging Bank Street’s long standing expertise in early childhood and our knowledge of research-based practices, we help create the transformative learning settings and system-wide policies that better meet the academic and social-emotional needs of children from infancy to 8 years old so they can be joyful, valued, and able to thrive.

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Partnering with Children's Aid
The Ed Center and Children’s Aid are co-designing and implementing a sustainable professional learning model for preschool educators across 9 early childhood centers in New York.  The key focus areas for this professional development are supporting children’s language development, their unique interests and needs in the context of their curriculum.
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Our Work in Action

Early Childhood Policy Fellowship
The Early Childhood Policy Fellowship is a professional learning opportunity that currently supports 13 systems leaders as they advance key priorities in their agencies while strengthening their leadership. Through this 10-month, hybrid fellowship, participants examine real-world challenges and problems of practice through a capstone project. Throughout the program, leaders build on their strengths and reflect on their practice while receiving job-embedded support from Bank Street staff and learning from experts in the field.
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Our early childhood coach always creates such warm and nurturing sessions that make me feel comfortable and ready to tackle new strategies. I think it is valuable to share and brainstorm together to find new opportunities for learning in my classroom.
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