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Emotionally Responsive Practice

Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP) at Bank Street offers ongoing professional development, teacher support, coaching, and other on-site services to early childhood and elementary school programs. Our services build on the well-documented connection between emotional well-being, learning, and positive peer relationships. We help educators and administrators develop emotionally responsive school routines, curricula, and adult-child interactions that support all children, including those with a traumatic history.

ERP is built on a deep understanding of child development, research on the effect of social and emotional experience on the developing brain, and the proven positive effects of working partnerships between educators and school-based clinicians.

Safe and Sound Schools Conference audience

The Emotionally Responsive Schools Conference

This annual conference invites professionals from elementary schools and early childhood programs to engage in a deeply interactive study of ERP. Participants learn about child development, the social and emotional foundations for learning, parent engagement, and the mastery of supportive techniques for building safe and nurturing school communities.
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